The fog of war gets foggier every day – who really shot down MH17? (Part 2)

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The fog of war gets foggier every day – who really shot down MH17? (Part 2).

Pressed from Well, This Is What I Think, with thanks.

What really happend to Malaysian Flight 17? One thing’s for sure, we may never know.

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What really happend to Malaysian Flight 17? One thing’s for sure, we may never know..

Pressed from Well, This Is What I Think, with thanks.

Renewable energy rant

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I love a good rant – and so I am reblogging this from my good friend at Theophrastus Switch, with immense thanks. Also just so happens that I agree with every word – even the sweary ones!

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Alright, so let’s, for the next few minutes, pretend that the current Australian government (or any, for that matter) knows what they’re talking about. Imagine if climate change/global warming really were just coincidences, and that humans have no impact on our planet, or that the planet simply isn’t getting warmer, just as the coalition would like us to think, and then tell me one reason why we shouldn’t be phasing into completely relying on renewable energy.

Other than ‘but Tony’s ‘friends’ like Gina won’t be making money, then’, there’s no reason.

People making money off the dead coal industry should not be priority. Opening the doors to Australian innovators to take advantage of our unique landscapes and the engineering problems which lie within should be. Advancing science and engineering should be. The health of our planet should be.

Even if global warming wasn’t a thing, the future needs to be renewable, reliable…

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The giant and the boy who threw stones

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A well-constructed piece on the Israel/Palestine affair from Deconstructing Myths (reblogged, with thanks!). Go read it.

It’s a little over 18 months old, and has surfaced again in line with the currently ongoing bombardment and mass-slaying. Well worth the read, and well worth following up with many of the informative links in this post.

Peace. Out.

Originally posted on Deconstructing Myths:

(Photo credit: al-saber)

(Photo credit: al-saber )

In America, most flag waving, apple pie eating Christians are familiar with the biblical story of David and Goliath. This story has all the attributes of the underdog coming out on top that Americans love to lap up with their New York Times and morning cup of joe. Alas, the government of Israel knows all too well how Americans love their mythologies…from the one about the noble settlers (murdering conquerors) who had a bountiful feast with the savage Indians (rightful land dwellers) at Plymouth Rock to the African American POTUS who represents the culmination of the civil rights era and not the cynical, co-opting of it. For most of my naive, apolitical life, I passively bought the story hook, line, and sinker about how Israel represents poor, little David standing up to the Philistine Goliath’s who would do them no little harm. In the Bible, when the…

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Song Of The Moment 001

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I’m reblogging myself! This is getting weird now…

Originally posted on Ramblings of Inanity:

Can’t stop listening to this song right now, from Carusella, out of Tel Aviv, Israel.  Despite the ongoing Gaza bombardment…

All this noise out of two musicians.  The band is now defunct, I believe, after one album.

Some technical issues with this live performance, including 2 or 3 cord severances from Tamar Aphek’s guitar…  The record version is neater to listen to, but there’s no video for it that isn’t just a still.

Crank it.  Enjoy.


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The Electricity Industry’s Death Spiral – Pressed

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The Electricity Industry’s Death Spiral

Bring on The Death Spiral!  The National Electricity Grid operators have been platinum-plating surplus and unnecessary infrastructure for years, because they get guaranteed payment from the Federal Government based on the value of their assets, not on what they actually provide to the consumer.  Insanity.

This: The Electricity Industry’s Death Spiral, Pressed from Damn the Matrix, with thanks – go read it!

Killer Video

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Imagine, if you will, being an asylum seeker.

Imagine you have made a series of decisions based on your desire to survive.

Imagine that, eventually, after months in camps and on a leaky boat, you have arrived at a secured facility on an island.

Imagine what you would think after being forced to watch the above video.

People with no compassion laugh at the suicides, the self-immolations, and the rapes and murders.

They have not spared one minute to imagine the horror that would descend upon a human person as the video of the expressionless white face played out, telling you that you have broken a law, and that you are destined to suffer and die, either here in this facility, or on your way home, the place you ran from in order to survive.


Morrison should be on trial at The Hague.



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