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Goin’ On Up To The Spirit In The Sky

TRIGGER WARNING: This post pours boiling oil onto prophecy-believing Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all the fakes (politicians, lobbyists, captains of industry & religion, etc.) who are doing their utmost to artificially fulfill an ancient prophecy.  If you are offended by having your beliefs/faith challenged, then press your ‘Back’ button now!


If you were a bit crazy, or a bit led astray, you might believe some of those stories in the Bible (or similar tales from Torah, or Qur’an) that tell of the End Times, and the Revelation, and the Rapture (or similar devices in Torah, or Qur’an).

If you then also look at current events in the Middle East, and decide to draw a connecting line between your beliefs or the stories you have read, and these current events, then you may believe that what you are seeing is the Gog and Magog prophecy beginning to be fulfilled.


My point is this: ‘THEY’ ARE BUILDING A RAPTURE MACHINE; there are many powerful individuals (politicians, business executives, military elites, religious leaders, etc.) that are doing everything in their power to create the battle-ground that will facilitate their ascension to heaven.  They are toying with humanity and the very Earth itself in their attempts to artificially fulfill a prophecy.

There are some people out there foaming at the mouth (and speaking in tongues) to ensure that the current situation in the Iraq/Syria/Palestine theatres devolves even further into all-out war – like, not just a regional conflict, but real all-out war with combatants drawn from all over the globe (commonly referred to as a World War).  This would fit their purpose quite neatly, reinforce their capital wealth in the short-term and perhaps fortify/justify their faith and perhaps assure their desired ascension in the longer-term.

This is not a theological essay, so I will stop now, but here are the key take-away points:

  1. Don’t believe that there is any legitimate reason for any of what is happening – ISIS, Gaza, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt – these are all just enablers for a massive desert face-off with bombs and bullets.
  2. If you want do some cursory research of your own, just do two image searches on Google; “ISIS map” and “Gog and Magog map”.  Overlay the two, and, wow, what a coincidence.
  3. Remember that Al Qaeda and ISIS are inventions of the West, not grassroots Arab spiritual movements.
  4. Observe the machinations that are pushing all of us onto a war-footing – new anti-terror laws, ‘saving’ the Christians in Iraq after doing nothing while the ‘other’ (non-Christian) Arabs in Palestine and Syria die, accusing global super-powers of murder (Tony Abbott on Putin), actively offering military assistance and engagement where none was requested (Tony Abbott to Obama).
  5. Circle back to point 1 – ask yourself why any of this is happening, at all.  It is all engineered.

That is all.  You can go back to sleep now.


Christmas In July – Please Make Tony Abbott Die.


I know it’s not July anymore, but…
I just found this, and couldn’t have said it better, so I’m ‘stealing’ it. Hope you don’t mind, Buck, whoever you are (where’s your About page, man?!)
Can we change the name to ‘Christmas in September – Please Make Tony Abbott a Cadaver to Remember’, or something?
Anyway, go read it. Reblogged, with thanks, from Buck Frain’s Angry Place. Go read it, I said.

Originally posted on Buck Frain's Angry Place:

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while since I wrote to you but at this point you’re probably the only one who can help me. Seeing as Christmas In July seems to be a thing now, please find below my list. It’s not very conventional but neither is Christmas In July so I’ve attempted to go for non-commercial presents that will be of benefit to lots of people, not just to me.

1. Please kill Tony Abbott. No need to make him suffer. Just make him stop being alive. He’s hurting pretty much everyone. He’s happy about it. His actions benefit no-one other than handful of ultra-wealthy people who don’t really need him. He brings nothing good, kind or honest to the world, only selfishness and suffering.

2. Please kill Joe Hockey. He’s a liar and a thief. He’s lied about his family’s business interests for 14 years while he lines…

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I Fucking Hate You, Australia

Captain Kirk Is Vewy Angwy

Clowns to the Left of me, Jokers to the Right

* – Originally posted back in March of 2014.  I’m re-posting because I’m angry again, and I have added some update.

Look what you’ve gone and done.  Like a spoilt child having a tantrum in the confectionery aisle…

I’m a bit very angry at present.  But I should be clear here – I don’t hate ‘Australia’, but I do (even though I know that hate is usually unwarranted and will probably one day make me sick and then kill me) hate the blind, ignorant, selfish, hypocritical cretins who aspire to be better than everyone else, and think they’re somehow special, and decided it was a good idea to vote for the current imbeciles running this country into oblivion.  Yeah, that’s right, I hate you – you know who you are…

That goes especially for all of you who are under 60 years of age who ‘believe’ that voting for ‘conservatives’ is a good thing – you have all been sucked in by persuasive language techniques; for the entirety of your lives.  You all live by the code of that wonderful howard-esque Australian invention, the dog-whistle.  And I hate you in an even-deeper-than-you-can-imagine fashion because of that.

Abbott and his LNP are so transparent and overt in their hatred for the environment, and for the legacy of certain non-destructionist Australian ‘icons’, and for common decency generally, and for all the non-elite low-calibre types – you know, the vast majority of us…

Here’s just a snapshot short-list of the loopy shit being perpetrated (or about to be) in the nation’s capital:

  • Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area dredging and spoil dumping (this and similar acts done for fossil interests)
  • Discarding of key manufacturing capabilities and entire businesses/industries (this and similar acts done for foreign corporate interests)
  • Lying about carbon pricing and its real and imagined impacts on the economy (fossils and foreign corporates again)
  • De-listing of portions of World Heritage forests in Tasmania (how wantonly spiteful, vindictive, destructive … selfish…)
  • Bowing to the demands of certain billionaires to dilute and remove mining super-profit taxes, helping to maintain and grow the divide between rich and poor (fossils and corporates, AGAIN)
  • Blatant disregard for those poor souls seeking refuge (referred to in bigot-ville as ‘illegal boat arrivals’ – they’re not even ‘people’) from their war-torn home countries or oppressed minority enclaves (all of this as a massive distraction from the other destructive acts, and as the easiest dog-whistle to blow)
  • There is “too much” protected vegetation in Australia, and Abbott strongly believes that the forestry industry needs free access to more timber (again, fossils, foreign corporates, and just for kicks – because destroying shit is FUN, and makes you a MAN, and WHO CARES ANYWAY?)
  • UPDATE (August 2014) – Abbott wants to kill the renewable energy industry and his government commissions a review of the Renewable Energy Target (RET). He receives the report from the review and hands it back for them to investigate the options of scaling back or scrapping the RET completely.  It looks doomed if he gets his way.

Just typing this is driving me even more insane than I was.  And I am ever closer to destroying the keyboard provided to me – I have key-punch callouses…

UPDATE (August 2014) – My key-punch callouses are recurring.

This is an aimless rant, I know, but I’m almost at my wit’s end.  The volume of insanity pouring out of the conservative government’s mouthpieces is like an avalanche of absolute bat-shit craziness.  And I seem to be surrounded, at least partly, by noisy sycophants who mindlessly nod and wink and agree with the craziness.

Why, oh, why, do we not have in our Constitution the requirement that our Prime Minister be Australian-born?  If we’d just been smart enough to include that minor little exclusionist condition, similar to the good old US of A, then we would not have to contend with the UK-born boat-arrival nut-job that we have now.  Australia has seemingly managed to get away with all sorts of racist policies in the past (and continually), so WHY didn’t we do THAT?

I fucking hate you, Australia – why is any of this Shit being tolerated?  Are we still not yet revolting?


Holes In My Global Reach

A Map Of Where My Readers Are and Aren't

My Inter-Webs Is Not Fully ‘Global’

PREAMBLE: This is meaningless.  Hit your Back button now to avoid.

So, I’ve been doing this web-log thing on WordPress for a little while (just under 2 years, in fact), and a cursory bit of analysis reveals where I’m failing in my pursuit of global domination.  There are whole chunks of the world where I have no reach.  I mean, check out all the white-space on that map above… (please ignore the oceans, which are also white – they don’t count.)  Why has no-one from Greenland visited my blog?  Why no Mongolian, Kazakhstani, or Congolese visitors?

I have some work to do.  Here’s my partial list of actual things that I could do in order to expand my reach (apart from the obvious one, which is: become a better writer):

  • Break through the firewall of the Chinese Central Party Committee by learning Mandarin and becoming a hacker, then write some posts about organ-harvesting, Tibet, or Clive Palmer
  • Learn all of the sub-Saharan, central-African, and northern-African languages, and write some posts about Ebola or blood-diamonds or how The Ark of the Covenant is buried under a hut in Ethiopia
  • Do more posts about cocaine, and mention Bolivia, Peru and Colombia in glowing terms
  • Say nice things about Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Tajikstan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
  • Say horrible things about the Ayatollah and publish cartoonish images of Mohammed (who just so happens to be the greatest chef and cocktail-mixer that I have ever met, and he loves MDMA) in order to expand my reach into Iran
  • Write anti-Sacha Baron Cohen posts to crack the Kazakhstan web audience

On the flip-side, most of the anglophone nations are on-board regularly, which is nice.  (All I have to do is occasionally mention ‘maple syrup’ and the Canadian hits pile up like detritus from a beaver-dam…)

And a big shout-out to my non-anglophone readers who agree with my ethos that Shit has Got To Stop in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Egypt, France, FYR Macedonia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Magyar, Malaysia, Mexico, Namibia, Nepal, Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Vietnam, and Venezuela – thanks for visiting me.


How Did You Get Here? #2

As stated previously here, it’s always, well, ‘interesting’ to see what search terms people use to land them here at the World’s Shittiest Web-Log.  Here’s the latest batch of wonderful things, in no particular order, that have been typed into a search engine which then cause an algorithm to spit out this web address…

  • tony abbott captain kirk
  • monk sociopathy
  • i hate australians
  • isis is shit
  • if nauru gets invaded who will come to help them
  • australia fucking
  • astrolia focking
  • f 35 is crap
  • most narcissistic billionaire
  • how did this corruption ang fraud impact negatively in the country including tax?
  • karma for sociopaths
  • i hate these rich fuckers
  • hague human rights abuse australia sri lankan boat
  • mainstream media creates bullshit
  • was conductor patent beìnd taking down of malaysian aircraft
  • cruelty shit
  • top ten rich fuckers in world
  • this shits got to stop
  • su 25 shot down mh370
  • i fucking hate australia
  • i fuckin hate australians
  • we hate australia
  • you have no rights in fucking australia
  • ifucking pussy
  • imagine you are an asylum seeker what would you do
  • tony abbott is fucken nuts
  • stop the fucking boat people making our country sick?
  • fucking shitty australians
  • drawing fire mh17

Yes, people actually, really, typed those exact letter sequences into a web search…

There’s a lot of people out there typing things into search engines with a distinctly anti-Australia sentiment.  Gee, I wonder who might be somewhat responsible for besmirching our image abroad…?  Any ideas, Chicken Little Tony?


Convulsion Induction – RePost for #Ferguson

A Taser Being Fired

Tiny Electric Torture Harpoons

Non-Lethal Weapons seem like a great idea, and their proper development should probably be encouraged, in order to prevent unnecessary deaths from firearm use by law enforcement agencies.  But they are often abused, misused, or overused.  The concern escalates when corporate and institutional corruption are involved – where the stock price of the non-lethal weapon manufacturer is of higher importance than the suitability of the weapon or the safety of the individuals upon whom their non-lethality is unleashed.

And that is the Shit that’s Gotta Stop.  Weasels in suits engaging in some mutually-beneficial back-scratching behind closed doors, or under oak desks, so that laws are changed in order for their company to be issued a supply contract to furnish a police force with slightly-less-than-lethal (on most occasions) equipment.

What we end up with is a long list of terrifying events, involving unnecessary and unwarranted death and injury – the gut-wrenching video footage of Brazilian student Laudisio Curti, writhing in agony and screaming for help as he is electro-stunned multiple times after being physically restrained; the numerous deaths and permanent disabilities resulting from the deployment of rubber bullets and bean bag rounds; the impact injuries, instant deaths, and exposure of innocent parties inflicted as a result of tear gas deployment…

Here’s a short list of some of the horrific results of ‘non-lethal’ weapons:

There are many, many more incidents.  A casual perusal of the inter-webs, especially YouTube, will draw you into the rabbit-hole, and keep you awake for a few nights…

And some potentially even scarier stuff is on the way, or already in use by military agencies – ‘directed energy’ weapons, such as the Active Denial System used by the U.S. military, which shoots an Extremely High Frequency beam at the target area and heats the skin of the victim/s, so that they feel as if they are on fire (yes, really…).  And already deployed by numerous agencies and private companies (including cruise ship liners…) is the LRAD – noise torture.

The corporate world, military goons, and law-enforcement junkies are all going bat-shit crazy, looking for novel and profitable ways of inflicting pain, torment, and possible death upon the rest of us.

If it came to the crunch, I think I’d rather be shot than tased – if you want to take me down in a non-lethal fashion, shoot me in the leg, or shoot me in the shoulder, please.

Don’t tase me, bro!


Corporate America


How could anyone not agree with this? Oh, unless you’re super-wealthy but don’t like paying your fair share…
Reblogged from Opinionated Man at HarsH ReaLiTy, with thanks.

Originally posted on HarsH ReaLiTy:


I am not the smartest guy in the world, but I see a problem here. So if a nation runs off taxes and most of the money needed to fuel that “continuous flow of income” is from businesses and corporations why then would we give free passes to those entities? The portion where it is suggested that we eliminate corporate taxes and instead tax the wealthy is hilarious to me. Who owns those businesses? The poor people? So you are going to tax the wealthy and their personal income, but ignore their greatest points of wealth?

A nation begins to fail when that country cares more about “the nation” than the people in it. No decision made after that point has been crossed can be considered “for the greater good” because it is obvious the greater good isn’t that important. Instead nations leave giant loopholes on purpose for corporate executives…

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