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Sarcastically pondering the ways of the world on Twitter…:



Enjoy the long weekend, all you people who live in places that formally celebrate the Western observance of the Roman crucifixion of the King of the Jews.  Allegedly.


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Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #2

a picture of an award I was awarded

I Don’t Have Enough Cabinets For All These Things!


This is the second of two awards I mentioned recently in a recent post recently.

itsgoodtobecrazysometimes from My Crazy Life awarded me this award as part of the #CHAMPIONSAWARDS.

Thanks igtbcs!!  The rest of you, go visit/follow/engage!


[As has been previously established, web-log awards have ‘rules’.  I hate rules…  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a gazillion times… 😉 ]:

  • Post the award logo on your blog with the hashtag #CHAMPIONSAWARDS – [Check]
  • Acknowledge the sponsor of the award – [Check]
  • Nominate no less than 5 nominees and notify them of the award – [See below]
  • Keep it simple, no need for explanations of the award, we know how great these bloggers are – [Oh, that one’s EASY]
  • You are free to give out this award as often as you’d like. – [OK!  Once might be enough!]
And The Nominations Are…


Here are the recipients of Wick Burner’s delegated bestowments of ‘The Champions Award’:

  1. White Girls Be Like…
  2. A Narcissist Writes Letters To Himself
  3. Alpha // Whiskey // Foxtrot
  4. Creative Noodling
  5. TK.KIM

Because it’s #InternationalWomensDay / #IWD, I have deliberately rigged the results to include a totally-patronising-coming-from-a-male quota-based-over-equalizing-majority of ‘women bloggers’.  You go girls, you’re Champions now!  (And of course that takes nothing away from [i.e., does not emasculate] solitary Eric the Narcissist…)

All fantastic web-logs, diverse in content, truly engaging in their respective unique ways, and they have all given me reading/viewing pleasure at various times, for which I am grateful, hence this post.  So, go, visit, them!!

Thanks again, itsgoodtobecrazysometimes!, and happy reading/viewing everyone else.


Wick Burner

soup for tuesday on weak-ass wednesday

There is no more refreshingly accurate assessment of what all that hyped-up ‘Super Tuesday’ circus of 2 days ago means* – so I had to swoop in here and ‘steal’ it. Thanks Donzo!
* – Business as usual; the rest of the world is bemused and a little bit concerned.
Click through to read the full post and to see the yummy Graffica, and, err, “y’all Vote fer Trumpf!”



The Donald Trumpf Wins Soup-For-Tuesday!

Big bold screaming headlines announce much ado about nothing.

Killary Sweeps Bernie!

Campaign Is Over – AmeriKKKa loses!

The punditry is foaming at the mouth and according to sentiments expressed by ABCBSCNNBCMSNBC and of course FauxNews, the amerikan people should be weaping bitter tears while wearing sackcloth and rolling in the ashes of media burning.

Even amerika’s turd-blossom, the renowned asshole that shilled for Buckaroo Bush the interminable Karl Rove, is a worrying serious worry that Trumpf can’t be stopped.

The Trumpf most certainly can be stopped. The good old fashioned amerikan way, assassination. A bullet to the head was certainly good enough for John F. Kennedy so, what the hell is the Republican establishment waiting for. I’m just saying…

The Trumpf is exactly what the Republicans deserve. The Madame Clinton is exactly what the Democraps deserve. Whatever the eventual outcome may in fact…

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Help, I’m In The Rabbit-Hole

A facebook friend, coincidentally also an actual friend, shared the following video to their page thing the other day, and so I watched it, being the sucker for a good conspiracy theory that I am.  Now I’m submerged in the 9/11 ‘research quagmire’, again…

Should probably check if this clip has been debunked, but if you watch this while thinking “everything we know is wrong, and everything is fake”, well, don’t say I didn’t mention the rabbit-hole, and don’t blame me when you’re up well after 3a.m., skilfully dodging the reptilian shape-shifting world domination conspiracy sites in search of more ‘proof’ that 9/11 was just about the biggest heist/hoax/joke on all of us in recorded history.

Oops, where’d the wing go?  Where’s all the bits of plane falling down the face of the tower?  None of this shit adds up.

To help you squeeze yourself down into the warren, here’s just a few of the links I’ve been scanning with my eyeballs while I should be sleeping:

http://www.whale.to/b/911.htmlWhale is an excellent resource for all manner of things I may or may not adhere to, when it’s up; it seems to get taken down in blasts, DDOS-style

https://jamesperloff.com/2015/08/12/unraveling-the-mysteries-of-flight-11/ – a WordPress blog page I just stumbled upon

http://letsrollforums.com//u-s-government-conspiracy-f3.html – old-school-style forum, a deep well of varying perspectives and scenarios, and plenty of tangential commentary


Wick Burner

A Calming Musical Interlude #6 – An Ode to #DonaldTrump

Donald Trump's Shit Hair

“A Rat Infestation”

This is great; discovered a song released in August last year, an ode (some might call it a ‘paradiddle’) to Donald Trump, called ‘a terrible shame‘, by the band from Wales called Christian Fitness.

It has, quite simply, the best lyric of any song I’ve listened to this week:

I don’t know, it’s just exceptionally funny…

Anyway, there ain’t no YouTube video, the band being a somewhat ‘obscure’ side-project offshoot of other things, but there is a streamable audio thing from the band’s bandcamp site, should anyone wish to listen to the little funny ode/paradiddle while they re-read this highly engaging and superbly-crafted web-log post that I’m about to press ‘Publish’ on.  Here ’tis:

Crank it, enjoy, while god is not killing children…

Wick Burner

Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #1

A picture of the award I was awarded

The Word ‘Love’ Has Appeared Here Several Times Recently… Weird…


While I wasn’t looking, this here web-log thing that you might be reading right now has been awarded/nominated-for (whatever the correct phrase is) TWO web-log awards in the space of one week.

Now, I still don’t know how I feel about these things, BUT, someone whose words I have enjoyed on their web-log, and/or had pleasurable and mutually consensual commentariat intercourse with has taken the time and interest to express positive vibes toward me, so I WILL EMBRACE IT, and say THANK YOU!

That shit takes TIME, and it takes ENERGY.

So I’m all about acknowledging that kind of effort somehow, where I can.

That’s just the kind of guy I am…



Anyway…  THANK YOU, sincerely, to bekitschig for nominating this web-log for ‘The Infinity Dreams Award’.  Yep, you heard that right.  Check out the picture above; it’s a real thing, and it was nominated toward this place here.  Muchas Gracias!! (a thousand apologies if I completely cocked up the Español…)

bekitschig produces a beautifully eclectic web-log that celebrates all things ‘kitsch’ (funnily enough!), and is well worth a visit, if only for eye-candy value.  Kitsch, as a social/psychological phenomenon, is far more pervasive than we might remember – at least, that’s what my visits to bekitschig have left me with; kitsch is everywhere, man!  Go visit!



[Web-log awards have ‘rules’.  I hate rules.  But they are a partly necessary thing in life and society, as I understand it.]

Thank and follow the blog that nominated you. {*tick!* – done!}

Tell us 11 facts about yourself. {read on below}

Answer the questions that were set for you to answer. {read on below}

Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them. {as above so below}


11 Things About Myself (oh, gear dog, help…)

I’m just going to let these pour out.  If, later, I find this list somehow embarrassing, I will edit it accordingly and *make the offending item disappear from the interwebs forever*.

  1. I am a Taurus/Earth/Ox, in a mash-up of various primitive star-worshiping soothsaying belief systems, of which I am not an adherent, although their combined supposed attributes somehow justify my characteristics/quirks/failings.
  2. I used to call myself an ‘atheist’, but ‘agnostic’ is a much more apt term.  I don’t claim to know anything about what really makes things tick.
  3. I am exceedingly impatient about most things, while somehow being able to appear as though I am a very patient individual.
  4. I value all life, and the concepts of peaceable freedom, universal liberty, global peace, and justice for all sentient beings, very very very highly. [‘sentient’ includes plants and fungi, which implies that my idea of justice involves eating these beings alive or dead, cooked or raw; and something about that just seems a little hypocritical…]
  5. I am an idealistic, naïve, wishful-thinking, and therefore impractical and delusional, person.
  6. I don’t believe most things that are said or written.
  7. I very much believe that the planet we are on is being played like a game of brutal and lawless chess by entities (most likely just particularly evil humans) who are very much undeserving of that privilege.
  8. I am a high-functioning multi-addict fond of an array of alkaloids and molecules.  Choose your poison, umm, intelligently-administered dose of trusted stimulant.
  9. I still don’t really know why I persist with this here web-log.  It’s purpose is, clearly, unclear.  However I find it a valuable outlet and medium for interaction with an array of faceless and valued humans that I have (mostly) never met.
  10. I have seen what’s behind some of the curtains, and still can’t make sense of any of it.
  11. I think maybe I’ve said too much…


Answer The Questions That Were Set
  1. Tea or coffee – Coffee.  Almost exclusively.
  2. Clinton or Trump? – Can’t vote for either (being non-US).  Trump is obviously just a dangerous human circus, wreaking havoc.  I would like to see him somehow shamed and relegated to the dust of history.  Clinton, well…  Can you Americans just all take a punt on the old guy and get Bernie Sanders across the line?  Seems he might want to do something good…  Or just have a big old civil war again and sort out your bipolar-ness…
  3. Cd’s or vinyl?CD’s for convenience, though now almost totally usurped by digital files.  I love vinyl, though, and have an eclectic collection of long-playing records and singles/EP’s on consumer-grade and heavyweight vinyl.
  4. Smart or 4WD? – Have to say 4WD at this time (on bio-diesel if I can).  With hopes of having an electric-drive all-terrain/town car/convertible/sports coupé in the garage one day.
  5. WordPress or Facebook? – WordPress.  Absolutely.
  6. Art or Kitsch? – Kitschy art?  Arty kitsch?
  7. Screaming it out or sitting it out? – I will do either, depending on the situation.
  8. Planning your goals or accept your fait? – Destiny is probably a thing, so I like to ‘roll with it’.
  9. Opportunistic or idealistic? – Idealistic.
  10. Black and white or shades of grey? – Black and white, mostly.
  11. Cats or dogs? – Cats inside.  Dogs outside.


Nominate 11 Bloggers and Set Questions For Them

Here I am going to exploit a suite of loopholes exposed by my crack legal team…

My nominations are TOTALLY UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO DO ANYTHING, however THEIR NOMINATION IS OFFICIAL AND REAL, but CAN BE ACCEPTED PURELY AS A TOTALLY-NON-SYCOPHANTIC SHOUT-OUT because I have found something valuable in their web-logging outputs and just want whoever reads this to maybe go and find something valuable there for themselves.

In no particular order, [drum roll] my nominations for this burst of ‘The Infinity Dreams Award’ are [/drum roll]:

  1. Assholes Watching Movies
  2. Mental Break – In Progress
  3. Donzo’s Guerilla Graffica and Donzo’s Dreamtime (joint nomination, as per a loophole)
  4. The Lonely Tribalist
  5. Content Catnip
  6. Tubularsock
  7. Prague Pot
  8. William Chasterson
  9. I Read Encyclopedias For Fun
  10. Smelly Tongues
  11. Ink and Quill

The “no particular order” was actually me just going back and forth in time looking through comments left here, which helped me to assemble this list of nominees.  And I have ‘interfered’ with the process to make the list quite diverse – yes, I’m a vote rigger…

All the nominees can, IF THEY SO CHOOSE, submit themselves to The Rules and also answer the following questions if they decide that they’d like to post something on their own web-log about being nominated for a web-log award (and holy cheebus, if they’ve read this far I wouldn’t expect anyone would have the energy left to do so…), but here are your ELEVEN questions! (which you can also feel free to simply answer by way of a comment here – the easy way to get out of any perceived need to post about this yourself[!]):

  1. Beer, wine, cider, or spirits?
  2. Driver or passenger?
  3. Night owl or early-bird?
  4. Hopeful, pessimistic, or cynical?
  5. Dreamer or doer?
  6. Action or relaxation?
  7. Cereal, toast, or sans breakfast?
  8. Do you eat enough fruit and vegetables?
  9. Do you drink enough water?
  10. Sneeze explosively, or hold it back?
  11. Work to live, or live for (your) work?

SO. MUCH. WORDS!  Now to wait and see if the ping/track/echolocator system in here actually works and my nominees get told how wonderful they are… And, so many other deserving blogs that I could have included (out of the over 730 that I have clicked ‘Follow’ on since I joined in with this crazy thing), but you know, rules are rules, and all that…  Maybe next time…?  Speaking of which, hold out for the next installment of ‘Wonderful People Gave Me An Award‘…  COMING SOOOON…

Thanks again, bekitschig.  That was fine, but I’m totally beat now.  So much words.  So many letters.  So much grammar…

Cheers y’all!

Wick Burner

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Nobody’s going to fantasize about Jerry Hall now, boasts Murdoch

“liver-spotted antipodean toad” – Love it!
Reblogged, with muchos thanks, from Flibbertigibbet News.
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Flibbertigibbet News

Anyone who once carried a flame for the Texan socialite, is now facing the unpleasant prospect of a liver-spotted antipodean toad leering into view.  Not content with listening in to our phone calls, Rupert Murdoch’s liaison with Ms. Hall will ensure that he now enters into the subconscious of all males who ever envied Mick Jagger’s love-life during the 70s.

Mr. Murdoch Mr. Murdoch

Announcing their forthcoming nuptials and Mr. Murdoch’s inevitable funeral, the loved-up pair spoke of their shared love modelling and Press Inquiries.  Ms. Hall, who famously advised all women to a ‘be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore on Page Three’, can now look forward to three happy years of marriage and thirty affluent years of bereavement.

For Ms.Hall this relationship is a natural musical progression; from the avant-garde Bryan Ferry to the rock’n’roll Jagger and finally to jazz-funk fusion that…

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