I Don’t Wanna Play Anymore


Wick Burner Extracting Ancient Poetry Texts From His Strike-Proof Deep Underground ‘Facility’

The following attempted poetry, dredged up from the archives, pasted here for your reading boredom pleasure.

Said pasting inspired by significant mood-match with the present epoch, as well as recent insipid poetic escapades about Mickey D’s french fries by Kanye the messiah.

What a fucking tosser…


I Don’t Wanna Play Anymore

This game we call The World

I don’t wanna play anymore


I don’t wanna play

When thieves and liars rule


I don’t wanna play

When progress is hated


I don’t wanna play

When killers are heroes


I don’t wanna play

When life means nothing


I don’t wanna play

When kids are cannon fodder


I don’t wanna play anymore


The rules are pretty simple

But almost nobody abides them
And I don’t wanna play no more


© sometime last century, Wick Burner’s Early-Era Poetic Enterprises Incorporated

Refugee Trauma: Australia’s Remorseless Detention Camp on Nauru

The shame of the nation; Australia endorses, facilitates, and bank-rolls the mistreatment and death of legitimate asylum seekers, and then blames them and refugee advocates when these crimes are exposed.

Reblogged, with thanks, from Counter Information.

Please click through to the original article for the full read…

Counter Information

Leaked Incident Reports

Global Research, August 10, 2016

“Do I have to kill myself to go to Australia?” — Asylum seeker, Nauru, March 2, 2015

Human sensibility has been given another sound beating with the leak of 2,116 incident reports from Australia’s remorseless detention camp on Nauru.  The reports total some 8,000 pages covering the period of May 2013 to October 2015 and were published by the Guardian on Wednesday.[1]

The newspaper notes that children are heavily, in fact “vastly over-represented in the reports” featuring in a total of 1,086 incidents despite making up only 18 percent of the detained population.  Even the bureaucratic “ratings” of harm and risk given by the private security firm Wilson’s can’t varnish the brutalities.

Interspersed in this horror story are the features that are meant to make such detention conditions modest. Such is the cynicism of refugee and asylum seeker management –…

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Things Aren’t That Bad… Yet

MAJOR DISCLAIMER: Obviously, the following message of hate cannot be and is not endorsed by me or anyone I know.


Take-Home Message For The Kids At The Mall

Just some random and slightly alarming graffiti in a place near where I live.

Today’s take-home: Do Not Kill Cops


Wick Burner

A Calming Musical Prelude To Something #1

PIL logo

Public Image Limited

A prelude to something… made of music-type sounds and moving-type images.

Everyone knows the Sex Pistols, but here’s some Public Image Limited, John (Johnny Rotten) Lydon’s post-Pistols’ self-destruction musical endeavour.  The band name comes from Lydon’s assessment of deceased Pistols band-mate Sid Vicious, “Poor Sid. The only way he could live up to what he wanted everyone to believe about him was to die. That was tragic, but more for Sid than anyone else. He really bought his public image.

In my humble opinion, PiL was Lydon’s songwriting and musical abilities at their best, well-supported by a changeable troupe of excellent musicians.

Do yourself a favour, and press ‘Play’ on these babies:

Public Image‘ (1978):  lots of throwback to his recent (at the time) punk-rock journey, all on a heavy ‘dub’ base, with lashings of almost early-80’s new-wave guitar styling.  Here you can see and hear that maybe something good has come of the Pistols’ pyre.

Death Disco‘ (1979):  this is PiL and Lydon carving their output into something later called ‘post-punk’.  It’s an over-used genre descriptor, but this song is, I think, what most true post-punk and a lot of electronica music leans on – it’s drawing on so many new and under-appreciated (at the time) musical styles that slot in seamlessly to build up a genuinely hypnotic aspect.  It’s a watermark in the transition from the messy and anarchic to the skillfully arranged and crafted.  And it’s dark and it says something, to someone.

This Is Not A Love Song‘ (1983):  more subdued punk-rock affectations, with Lydon really holding on to that unmistakable Sex Pistols vocal style, but now much more evolved and polished – overlaid with unmissable synthesizer and sounding ‘poppy’, complete with lyrics taunting the punk fan-base: “I’m crossing over”…  PiL copped a battering from fans and press for ‘selling out’…  Somehow I don’t think Lydon cared.

Rise‘ (1986):  this is probably PiL’s best-known track, heaps of airplay, and it was one of a fleet of ‘uplifting’ and anthemic anti-apartheid tracks coming out of the UK at that time.  This track contains two of the most memorable lines in modern music, lifted and used elsewhere many times since: “the written word is a lie”, and the repeat-to-fade “anger is an energy”.  Lydon is clearly still keen to provoke questioning of the accepted reality, and not leave us wondering where he has come from or who he is, only now with a very healthy musical pedigree of his own that is now cemented and still influential today.

Anyway, that was a little musical tour through what was born after the infamous Sex Pistols self-immolated.  For no other reason than because I wanted to run a little musical tour tonight…


Crank it.  No, really, I mean it.  Enjoy!

Wick Burner


NOTE: I’ve had a report or two from the fair continent of North America of non-visibility/failure to load for the video embeds.  It may be a regional access control thing, or a ‘vevo’ thing, or both, or something different.  Apologies if this has happened to you.  Gosh-darn technomology…



‘I Just Don’t Get It…’

Sarcastically pondering the ways of the world on Twitter…:



Enjoy the long weekend, all you people who live in places that formally celebrate the Western observance of the Roman crucifixion of the King of the Jews.  Allegedly.


Wick Burner

Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #2

a picture of an award I was awarded

I Don’t Have Enough Cabinets For All These Things!


This is the second of two awards I mentioned recently in a recent post recently.

itsgoodtobecrazysometimes from My Crazy Life awarded me this award as part of the #CHAMPIONSAWARDS.

Thanks igtbcs!!  The rest of you, go visit/follow/engage!


[As has been previously established, web-log awards have ‘rules’.  I hate rules…  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a gazillion times… 😉 ]:

  • Post the award logo on your blog with the hashtag #CHAMPIONSAWARDS – [Check]
  • Acknowledge the sponsor of the award – [Check]
  • Nominate no less than 5 nominees and notify them of the award – [See below]
  • Keep it simple, no need for explanations of the award, we know how great these bloggers are – [Oh, that one’s EASY]
  • You are free to give out this award as often as you’d like. – [OK!  Once might be enough!]
And The Nominations Are…


Here are the recipients of Wick Burner’s delegated bestowments of ‘The Champions Award’:

  1. White Girls Be Like…
  2. A Narcissist Writes Letters To Himself
  3. Alpha // Whiskey // Foxtrot
  4. Creative Noodling
  5. TK.KIM

Because it’s #InternationalWomensDay / #IWD, I have deliberately rigged the results to include a totally-patronising-coming-from-a-male quota-based-over-equalizing-majority of ‘women bloggers’.  You go girls, you’re Champions now!  (And of course that takes nothing away from [i.e., does not emasculate] solitary Eric the Narcissist…)

All fantastic web-logs, diverse in content, truly engaging in their respective unique ways, and they have all given me reading/viewing pleasure at various times, for which I am grateful, hence this post.  So, go, visit, them!!

Thanks again, itsgoodtobecrazysometimes!, and happy reading/viewing everyone else.


Wick Burner