Thylacine Hunting (Web-Log Break)

Map Of Tasmania

Map Of Tasmania

Off in search of marsupial tigers, in the land of total genocide and efficient extinction, among other things of rare beauty.  It’s a place of bizarre contrasts.

I’ll be incommunicado for a brief period.  Back soon.

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Narcissistic Billionaires – Re-Posted!

Dredged up from the archives, from before I was who I am today, this has been one of my posts of enduring popularity.  I think it gets lots of hits just because it has the word ‘fuck’ in it more times than it probably warrants, but there you go…

Enjoy this old bit of junk from over 2 years ago.  Aaah, those were the days…



An example of the human billionaire

The world seems to be bubbling over with outspoken mega-rich individuals, promoting themselves and some delusional policy or social program, usually with painfully obvious self-interest at the core of their messages.  These people are narcissistic sociopaths with delusions of global domination and/or an adherence to some ideal of a ‘higher calling’ for them and their ilk, because they are so fucking special, and simply superior to the rest of humanity.

Fuck you, narcissistic billionaires.

Fuck you, sociopathic multi-millionaires.

And, fuck you, all you wannabe narcissistic sociopathic million/billionaires.  And ditto to all the ‘elected members‘, and all the other wannabe’s at every level, who do their bidding.

Fuck you all.

The mainstream media (MSM) loves to act as their free advertising carrier, the disseminator of their swill.

Fuck you, MSM.  You have abandoned your role as broadcasters of news in the public interest.  You display no balance, no integrity, no allegiance to truth.  Your work is now nothing more than opinion, and even less than that when you parrot the words and promote the cause of the aforementioned narcissistic sociopaths of the mega-rich variety.

There is a concerted, combined, morally corrupt effort to sway the public debate, influence the public opinion, and change the landscape of how society operates – tipping the scales further in favour of the mega-rich/elite.

This shit’s gotta stop.

Yours in repetition,

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Monitored Regions & Suspected Arcs

Monitored Regions & Suspected Arcs

An intriguing piece on (you guessed it…) #MH370, again. This is a series of exchanges between the author, reynardvi (Reynard Foxx, @reynardvi on Twitter), and a whistleblower, regarding Australia’s Jindalee Over The Horizon Radar system, and clues as to why we’re not privy to what it may have seen as MH370 supposedly flew well within detection range.

Reblogged with thanks, from ‘theylietousall‘. Read on… or fast forward to View Original.

Originally posted on theylietousall:

When MH370 was in the air just over 12 months ago, I heard reports saying that it had headed south into the Indian Ocean airspace. My immediate reaction was one of relief. I knew that Jindallee – the over the horizon radar system developed by Australians and funded by taxpayers – would have no problem locating it. Jindalee exists to provide an early warning system to protect Australia’s west coast. Given the current height of tension in regard to the problems in the Middle East and Afghanistan, and Australia’s role, it was obvious that if any attack were to come, it would be from the North West.  MH370 camk from the NNW and flew through Jindalee’s range for 4-6 hours. That’s if what we have been told is the truth, of course.

There are 3 options:

1. That the plane did not fly across the southern ocean.

2. That the…

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MH370 Moist Towelette Reduction

A picture of a Malaysia Airlines towelette

A recreated image of the moist towelette found on a beach in WA

My Doubt Radar is in overdrive.

In the last 24 or so hours, a story has emerged regarding the discovery of a remarkably pristine looking moist towelette bearing the Malaysia Airlines logo on its outer packaging, apparently washed up on a beach in Western Australia.

Another picture of a Malaysia Airlines towelette

A different recreation of the found towelette from, possibly, MH370

I’ve only had opportunity to briefly peruse the stories and images, but I’m already calling ‘BULLSHIT’.  Initially, I was prepared to call bullshit within a minute of looking at the OBVIOUSLY STAGED pictures – until I found that the article (linked to above) stated clearly that the images were a “recreation”.  (Well, that just confirms that I can still pick bullshit when I see it.)

So, apparently, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Miller’ were walking along a beach, looking for “stuff from MH370″ LAST YEAR, in JULY, and happened upon the packaged towelette.  So the story took a while to come out…

Remember when every possible ‘ping’ or piece of floating debris was being trumpeted as the lead that would break the case?  Remember that?

But an actual piece of possible physical evidence was just quietly being transported from WA to Canberra to be investigated, without any fanfare or even a calm announcement, for over 8 months.

“the JACC (Joint Agency Coordination Centre) has refused to release a photograph of the original find and has withheld comment on the significance of the find”

Why refuse to release a photograph of the original find?  Surely it’s more realistic, and helpful, than the fresh-out-of-the-box version used as a ‘recreation’ in the stories… maybe?

And ‘Mr. & Mrs. Miller’ have not released their own photograph/s (if they exist) of the moment of the find, their tampering with possible evidence and contamination of same?  Have they been forbidden to do so?  Fine to talk to a TV news crew, but no provision of supporting evidence of the event?

All that said, it’s quite possible that the towelette came from MH370, survived its transit from crash site to beach intact, as the ONLY piece of physical evidence thus far discovered.  It’s possible.  But why all the bullshit surrounding that key moment of its chance discovery?  Why the refusal to release a photo of a moist towelette lying on the sand?  Why the more than 8 month wait for the story to surface?


This is just a little more disinformation to keep the story confused, and the truth ever harder to find.


Next find will probably be a pilot’s cap, or a plastic fork, or a set of headphones, or an in-flight magazine, still wrapped in plastic…



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Welcome To City

a pic of abbott talking

“Let me be, aah, perfectly clear, um, desert towns are shit”, said the greatest leader this once great and fair nation has ever known…

The Prime Moron of Australia, tony abbott, has rolled out the welcome mat for indigenous Australians to relocate to major cities, by reminding them that they live in the desert and that cities are way better and you can get stuff in cities that you can’t get in the desert.

In a political master-stroke, abbott has saved the nation (and the good state of Western Australia) many millions of dollars and enticed entire remote indigenous communities to relocate to the city, simply by making them aware that governments cannot “endlessly subsidise lifestyle choices if those lifestyle choices are not conducive to the kind of full participation in Australian society that everyone should have”*.

Saying this with a straight face, lathered with an air of genuine and informed concern for the welfare of indigenous Australians, abbott was able to deflect all attention away from the fact that it was federal funding initially pulled from these areas, leaving the state to fill the funding gap, which it has now announced might result in up to an insignificant 150 remote indigenous communities being closed down.

Now that it’s Western Australia declaring the remote communities “unsustainable”, abbott has avoided direct blame from screeching leftards and hippy-human-rights-lovers, while driving home the message that indigenous Australians have really shit lifestyles and it was all their fault; an act of political bravery that mainstream media will interpret as a poll-bounce moment that may just save the Prime Moron’s hide.

As is now customary whenever abbott says something about a major issue, praise for this move to civilise the original inhabitants of Australia, once and for all, has emanated from all corners of social media and the wider community.

Long may he reign.

Your sycophantic abbott-lover, no matter how bad he gets,

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* – Actual quote