Lost Tribes

Map of part of Israel
Map of West Bank and Gaza, within Israel

Yes.  It’s true.  I’m going there.  Israel versus Palestine. I’ve heard tell that one should Never Drink And Blog; well, here I am with a significant proportion of Canadian whisky coursing about within me, and I’m about to go white-phosphorous ballistic on your arse, Israel… and Palestine.

For as long as I can remember seeing news programs on a television, there has been an almost constant tragic roller-coaster of peace and combat, hope and hopes dashed, ceasefires and rockets, settlements and fragmented families – Israel, Palestine, the West Bank and Gaza, the whole mess.  Peace protesters have been killed.  Celebrations have erupted in response to news of a bus bombing with innocent casualties.  Human life, it seems, has been devalued in the name of this ideological territorial street-fight.

Or has the value of life been calculated and appraised to fit some macabre scoreboard of wasted flesh and shattered lives?

There are countless other horror stories, and we all know that there are no easy solutions.  How many vice-presidents, priests, popes, celebrities, secretaries-of-states, etc., have we seen ‘fixing’ the ‘[insert label here] problem’?  Within weeks, months, or maybe only days, the fragile peace has crumbled again.

Israel, the Palestinians, the US, and the combined rest of the World have failed, miserably.  Is this just the way The Great Game is meant to be played out?  Calamitous war is tantalisingly close, perhaps inevitable, as long as there is an absence of stability in this region; and perhaps that’s exactly why things are the way they are…

Irrespective of that, if the clash between Israeli’s and Palestinians is just simply a series of territorial pissings with deadly effect, then may even more personal and cultural shame be poured upon your respective heads.  Peace will never be an option for you if you can’t just keep your artillery in your pants.  And if your weapons must be deployed, for the sake of The Creator Of Your Choice, keep the innocents out of their path!

Rocket attacks have to stop.  Air strikes have to stop.  Settlements in disputed areas have to stop.  Suicide bombs, any bombs, have to stop.  Teachers of hate have to stop.  Unnecessary death and waste have to stop.

All of this shit’s gotta stop.

And, I need another drink.



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