Indication Optional

An indicator... for INDICATING.
An indicator… for INDICATING.

How hard is it to indicate while driving?  Pretty fucking easy, I would have thought…

Every day I find myself cursing under my breath, or exclaiming out loud (although I know that no-one can hear me…), or gesticulating wildly in response to some lax-wristed road user who finds it all too hard to activate the indicator of their vehicle.  It’s one of the easiest ways to broadcast your intentions while driving to all the other road users around you.  And yet, some of these road users simply cannot be bothered with that, and weave from lane to lane, and back again, without a care in the world, without ever touching that annoying mechanical stalk on their steering column.

Then there are the half-baked broadcasters, who will give two flashes of their indicator.  Worse still, one flash, or just one half-cycle flash.  Maybe they’ve changed their mind about changing lanes?  No!  They’re going through with it!  Look out!!

It all reeks of arrogance, and disdain for all other drivers.  It stinks to high heaven of selfishness, as well as a hefty dose of “fuck you, everyone else”.

I have taken to performing the act of indicating on behalf of these drivers who find it a bit tough to indicate (it’s a public service – you can thank me later).  You can’t indicate?  Here, let me do it for you!  I await the first reactive road-rage response to my generous act, or (probably) the first pull-over by the constabulary.  I’m sure my generosity will be punished by someone at some point…

It’s probably a bit trivial, but I needed to get this out.  Hey!  Non-indicators!  Your driving is shit!  Your driving is dangerous.  You are a lazy waste of lane-space, and this shit’s gotta stop.  Or, seriously, you might just fucking kill someone!



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