Exploit The Boats!

A picture of boats being stopped
Boats. More relevant than humans? Are they even the issue?


Exciting milestone on this blog, for the first time, I have a guest author; the inimitable Mick Trembath (troubadour, roustabout, man-about-town, etc).  Here, Mick has crystallised key and timely elements of a massive issue for Australia and the World, an issue with no easy of answers, an issue exploited by…

Here, let Mr. Trembath take over:

O.k. I’m just going to weigh in on the Rudd/Refugee thing.

If I were a warmongering c*nt I’d start a war to displace people, then basically make them pay to exist.  Then I’d make people so desperate that they’d pay me, or any of my business associates, any price to get out to a safer place.

Then I’d set up a vast syndicate to exploit people for as much as I could.  It would be the product of my war and it would be very profitable.  I wouldn’t want land, or government rule.  I’d just want to make people so desperate they would give me anything I wanted.  Then I’d use the money/power that I made from that situation to work within legitimate/black business and make a lot more money/power.

Then I’d do it all again. For as long as I could.

So……if I found any country that offered asylum to the goods I was trafficking (human beings) I’d start shipping as many as I could, for as much as I could, as often as I could.

If that country was a good place for people (hope, sanitation, education and so on…) I’d charge top dollar to take you there.  Maybe you wouldn’t make it. Maybe I’d just dump you overboard.

Maybe I’d ask for payment in other things more dreadful than money.  Maybe I’d make sure just enough people got through to make sure the myth of escape was enough to keep prices up.

Now……..if I was in Australian government and I was aware that by adopting a humanistic stance of taking refugees, it also meant that I was increasing business for the above mentioned people, I don’t know what I’d do.

It is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

As much as there is a human side to the refugee issue (and I know… I know…. this is human life we are talking about, I’m not cheapening or dismissing that in any way….. but it’s too huge an issue to go into here….) moving people around the world, away from the chaos (which I, as warlord, created) into safety is big business.  Very big business.

And worth me keeping some wars going.  Or starting new ones.

So what do you do?

This for me is the true evil of the situation.  The more people offered sanctuary, the more incentive for me (as warlord) to displace people for profit.  The less sanctuary offered, the more people trapped in a displaced hell.

There is a quote – Suffering, no matter how multiplied, is always individual.

This is a truth.  In reality, each human being that is part of this vast and complex issue suffers as an individual human.  It is unthinkable as to what some people must be enduring.

But there are those to who seek to exploit that suffering in cold, calculating and strategic ways.  This is the problem.  This is the issue.  This is what is not easily solved.

What to do with people once they arrive in Australia is one thing.  The manner in which they are exploited to get here is another and it is a global issue that will not go away without massive co-operation and support from many countries around the World.

This is what Governments (which, despite claims to the contrary, are just made up of people as well) are trying to tackle.  It is one of the biggest challenges for the World this century.

I do not know why the Rudd Government has chosen to make the PNG policy, ( I suspect it’s as much to do with the placation of voters in key areas worried about job loss as much as it is about combating cartels…..) but there are factors, ruthless human factors, that are driving this refugee misery.

These people and organisations are, (to put it in black hat/white hat terms), the bad guys.  Really.  They are truly terrifying.

I think these factors are worth remembering or, at least, discussing before losing faith in Governments, the organisations dedicated to facing this overwhelming challenge and, more importantly, the individual actions that can be taken by you and me to make the changes we see as just and worthy for other human beings.

*This post originally published by Mick Trembath, 23 July 2013

Wow – I had been ruminating over a post tackling the whole ‘illegal refugee’, ‘stop the boats’, bullshit xenophobic hysteria, bubbling along presently in pre-election 2013 here in Australia, but then I read Mick’s piece.  I thought it was wonderful, and I just had to have it.

Thank you, Mick Trembath, for permission to re-publish your piece here.

It’s such a huge issue, clouded by politics, the real tragedies obscured from public view, and exacerbated by greedy heartless individuals, greedy corrupt officials, as well as entire governments and their oppositions.  It’s a right shit-fight, and people are dying, and we’re all being lied to.  And this shit’s gotta stop.



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