17 reasons not to vote Liberal on election day

Reblogging, again… This is excellent and accurate. Thanks to Liam, Kajoka, and James for using WordPress, allowing the semi-plagiarism.

What's the run dude?

Tony Abbott doesn’t deserve to be PM. Here are seventeen reasons why:

1. All the statistics show that the economy is doing well and everyone except the Coalition seems to know this, including Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz. It’s doing so well Wayne Swan was awarded the best treasurer in the world.

2. The Coalition’s policy costings arecompletelypathetic.

3. The Coalition doesn’t have any big ideas of its own, whereas the ALP has the national broadband network, NDIS/DisabilityCare, carbon tax/ETS/investment in renewable energy, Gonski/Better Schools Plan, tobacco plain packaging and has invested billions in dental care, mental health, and roads and rail.

4. Tony Abbott does not support marriage equality.

5. Tony Abbott has no experience in foreign affairs.

6. Tony Abbott makes bizarre comments about female candidates.

7. Tony Abbott makes bizarre comments about females.

8. Australia’s mineral wealth is not infinite. Whereas other countries making heaps of money out of…

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