Delusional Denial

This was a picture of the greenhouse effect.
Basic science. Even kids get it.

Q: Where does the festering denial of Human-Induced Climate Change* come from?

A: It is borne purely out of selfishness, and a refusal to accept responsibility.

* – Human-Induced Climate Change = HICC; my new acronym.

I remember being taught about ‘the greenhouse effect’, in primary school.  The lesson revolved around the greenhouse effect as it pertains to a motor vehicle on a hot day, and what might happen to a poor neglected dog left to cook in said car on the aforementioned hot day, and then relating that to the planet Earth.  The organ-melting imagery of the dog in a hot car has stuck with me good and strong.  The science behind it; pretty basic, and very understandable – an almost-closed system, radiant heat, reflection, filtering, glass as a metaphor for a layer of the earth’s atmosphere, trapped energy, etc., etc.

Well, fast-forward a small number of decades (no need to specify exactly how many…), and it’s 2013 years after the alleged birth of the supposed messiah – and WE ARE STILL ARGUING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE!  For fuck’s sake…

All of this time has passed, and all that has been done about the human impact on the planet could be counted on maybe two hands.

Here in Australia, we’ve just booted out the government that established a carbon-pricing mechanism to deal with the ‘greatest moral challenge of our time’, and have installed a regressive denialist conservative coalition who will do all it can to tear up the legislation.  We, as a nation, have abandoned any ideas of leading the world on this issue.  We always knew we weren’t big and powerful and important enough to make any difference anyway, so I guess we’re back where we belong.  (Get back in your box, Australia!)

The good news (if there is any) about this, is that the denial of HICC is supported by a very small number of people.  It is propagated by a very small number of people.  It is funded by a very small group of ‘special interest’ firms.  Of course, this is all done in the pursuit of profit.  At the expense of long-term survival.

The bad news is that a sizable chunk of the population agree with the deniers.  More bad news is that the ‘very small number’ of influencers and promoters of denial are among the wealthiest and most capable mind-changers on the planet.

The horrifying thing about these companies and individuals is that they believe their wealth will save them from whatever is coming.  In this, they demonstrate, loud and proud, that they DO NOT CARE about anyone else or anything else.  They are basically thumbing their noses at the world’s poor, the bulk of humanity, and all the wildlife and ecosystems that keep the planet ticking along, and, by their actions and inaction, they are saying, “screw you, we have money, you will die, we will survive, we can afford to fuck everything and leave you to rot”.

In the grand scheme of things, they are so very wrong.  The illusion of ‘wealth’, that false concept of superiority, and the belief in the illusory value in paper bills, will not save them.  And they are the only reason we are still even having this debate.  Without their efforts, the world’s people would have started to act on defeating HICC quite some time ago.

Nevertheless, they will continue to promote and feed the doubts that many have about HICC.  They will continue to use their wealth to excuse themselves from the things that must be done to avoid the worst effects of HICC.  They will continue to place themselves above the very planet which sustains them.  A pox on all of them, and on all who subscribe to their methods.

Denying that humans can influence their environment is the worst kind of hubris and stupidity.  It is folly – disproved by any cursory glance at history.  It is ultimately futile.  And this shit’s gotta stop.



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