Millions of Australians shun election day 2013, depriving new government of legitimacy

A thought-provoking piece on Australia’s preferential voting system and the alarmingly low voter turnout at the recent Federal Election.
Reblogged from AIMN (with thanks), and originally authored by Casey Peters.

The Australian Independent Media Network


Guest post by Casey Peters

A dramatic groundswell of discontent with Australian politicians led to the lowest voter turnout in over 75 years at the federal election held September 7, 2013. Not in three-quarters of a century has the participation of enrolled voters fallen below 93%. But the most recent federal election saw a turnout of less than 84%. While that would be an extremely high percentage in the United States of America or the United Kingdom, it was an extremely low voter turnout in a nation known for its compulsory voting law. Well over twice as many citizens shunned the polls than in any Australian election since the early 1920s. The total number of votes cast was below any federal election held since 2001.

The 2013 federal election for the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia resulted in a skewed outcome that left millions of Australian voters voiceless…

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