Boycott 101

A picture that says 'Boycott'
Boycott the Boycott on Boycotts!

I’ve wanted to build a comprehensive Boycott List for some time.  Recent news (see here, and here) that the new conservative government in Australia may seek to outlaw organised boycotts against corporate entities has inspired me to start work on this.  For those who may be unaware or interested, you can read about what a boycott is, here.

My Boycott list appears on a special page here at Shit’s Gotta Stop.  It will be collated and built up over time – a live, living, breathing thing that will assist in fortifying my resolve to boycott the bastards wherever they appear.

For what it’s worth, I hereby state that, even if ordered to remove my incitement to boycott, even if personally threatened with legal action including being tried for custodial-sentence crimes or civil compensation applications when I do not comply, this boycott material will stay alive on the inter-web somehow or be tattooed upon my dermis for all to see.  In other words, Fuck You, Tony Abbott, and all other conservative wankers who want to water down our democracy!!

An assault on the right to collective peaceful protest action – it’s neo-fascist, it’s totalitarian, surely it’s unconstitutional, and, dare I utter the word, un-Australian.  It is shit.  And this shit’s gotta stop.

If you want to share your boycott, feel free to reply below.  If I agree with the premise of it, I might be forced to add it my personal list of boycotts and abide by it…



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