Boycott! List Update #1

Cigarette Butt
No More Tobacco Combustion

I.  Have.  Finally.  Done It!!

With the aid of my new little friend, the e-cigarette, I have, after 23 years of on again-off again tobacco smoking, kicked tobacco out of my life.

It’s been 8 days since my last ‘traditional’ toxin-laden tobacco cigarette death machine.

No, using an e-cig is NOT cheating.  I am brimming with confidence that my days as a ‘filthy smoker’ are over.  No other method has given me this confidence.  Nicotine patches made my heart palpitate like crazy.  Nicotine gum was so awful, that after a single taste I just knew it would never help.  Pharmaceutical medication was never on the agenda (I hate those bastards – and I know two people who admitted to suicidal ideation and bizarre nightmare experiences while prescribed.  And, did I mention? – I hate those bastards.).  And, simple good-old-fashioned willpower was NEVER going to work for me – I am the owner of a physiology and a psychology designed to become addicted to, well, just about anything…

So my ‘last gasp’ attempt at kicking the sticks was to replace the sticks with other sticks.  Yay!  Battery technology, micro-computing, and basic chemistry and electronics have combined to make this 21-st century marvel possible.

Fucking amazing.

I am vaporising like a demon.  And now I can legitimately, and without a hint of hypocrisy, add Big Tobacco to my Boycott! list, here.  Fuck you, Imperial Tobacco, British American Tobacco, et al., you get no coin from me, no more.  Ha!  Fuck you, tax collectors and corporate money-changers, you get no tobacco-coin from me, no more.  Ha! Ha!

Thanks for listening.



13 thoughts on “Boycott! List Update #1

  1. Congrats man. I find these E-things highly disgusting for myself. Good for you, if it works. I now will read your boycott-list. Seems interesting. Stay upright. I have no doubt you’ll make it without these little devils 😉


    1. Thanks Jona, definitely a subjective experience, the e-cig’s. They are certainly not an exact swap for the old burning-stick method, and many wouldn’t be able to get around that, it’s a transition, and every brand is likely different in terms of suitability and acceptability for each person… For me, a big part is the novelty and technological part, I get off on the geek factor a bit… Your faith is comforting!


      1. I am more concerned with the health factor someone recently told me you could get cancer from those. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing my ass off. He told it and was completely serious in his concern. Well, men are dumb.
        Have good night or day 😉


      2. I did the research on that, and your source is probably somewhat valid in his concern. I’d say the cheap Oriental-sourced ones might be a risk factor – you just have no way of knowing what’s in the plastic components, or what’s coating the metal bits, or whether your battery is going to explode in your face and take out an eye. So I went with what I judged to be a reliable source for my e-cig’s (food-safe ingredients, food-safe materials, some form of quality guarantee). The overseers in government have been telling us for years that tobacco cigarettes have over 4000 toxic things in them, so I am willing to gamble that my chances of developing an illness are FAR greater with the traditional methods. I would also posit that the traditional tobacco merchants are more than willing to throw around a few scary stories about e-cig’s in order to maintain their grip on the market.
        I’ve always wondered why the health departments in at least some countries didn’t simply ban the tobacco companies from adding toxic chemicals to the tobacco – you know, in the interests of public health? The closest I’ve seen to a ‘healthy’ tobacco product is the ‘American Spirit’ brand cigarettes that claimed no added chemicals during tobacco growth and manufacture – and they appeared to have some sort of connection with Native American business endeavours – made me feel like I was supporting subjugated peoples every time I sucked down a smoke…(! – ? – idiot…) They were good, but supply was intermittent for some reason.
        Men ARE dumb, though. I mean, you’ve read some of my shit here – the proof is everywhere!


      3. I don’t get that either. Why should one make an already addictive product unhealthy to kill their consumers earlier. Makes absolutely no sense to me. Well who cares sooner or later all smokers will be forced to wear a sign on their chest and will have to live in certain habitats to not inflict their evil will on others.
        Well, an eye-patch is still cooler, than a electrolarynx 😀


  2. Thanks Ross! Tougher to break than a heroin habit – or so I’ve heard… The electrics work a treat for me, but many would disagree for themselves, I’m sure. Readiness and research helped me to find my answer. Hope you can find yours.
    All the best!


  3. Congratulations!!! Yes The New technology Can Be a Life changers….For those who question what Exactly is in the Juice and More about the effect please let help. While we do not know everything as it is fairly new, we know it is not as bad as Anologs and the Vapor does not polute more than a car exhaust…


      1. That is the Goal…While Some Regulation is Necessary. Following the Tobacco Road to age Restrictions and that is about it…


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