An Open Letter to the ALP and Bill Shorten

Hope Mr. Shorten gets to read this.
Re-blogged from, with thanks.

What's the run dude?

I’ve been a member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) since I was 16. Before Kevin Rudd was leader and led the party to Government in 2007. Before Julia Gillard deposed him. Before the internecine war that followed his loss and destroyed the party’s prospects in last month’s election. Before Gillard got caught in a maelstrom of hate by announcing she would legislate a price on carbon.

I write these things because in spite of them I remain dedicated to the cause. Dedicated to a party that has the history, the guts and the determination to make a difference. To truly enrich the lives of ordinary Australians. I initially joined the ALP because I was outraged at the Howard Government’s decision to introduce WorkChoices. Even at 16, it was clear to me that WorkChoices represented something manifestly unfair.

WorkChoices might be gone, but the Labor project of equality – to…

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