How Do “they” Get Away With It?

And so it goes.
I like this, so I’m reblogging it, from musicis2words, with thanks.


justiceblindHow Do “they” Get Away With It?

(Metaphysical Forensics)

If you ever wonder how big corporations & wealthy, elitist families have been able to amass so much power & get away with so many crimes (often swept under the rug, hidden from the masses), you might consider the law of attraction & the archetype of “Lady Justice“. Although, after what I have seen, it would be more accurate to call this an “arche-typo“, because it certainly seems to be in error. Sadly, I know it was anything but an accident that justice has indeed been made blind.


I have covered the “Justice is Blind” meme in multiple documents online, as well as in some videos. I am writing about this in yet another article because it is the biggest example that shows proof for what I call “archetypal transference“, which has been used to…

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2 thoughts on “How Do “they” Get Away With It?

  1. A simple concept, they get away with it because, people are as thick as two short planks. I remember going to the footy a few years ago and reading the held up placards by the fans defending a well known drug addled football player like he was a God from Mt Olympus itself. He was just a common drug addict with a problem, however they treated him like royalty. Here in lays the problem, we are conditioned to have a warped sense of right and wrong. Gina Rinehart has gazzillions hence she must be an honest wholesome human being. Some poor sod lives under a bridge and they are human trash. Go figure.


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