This is the ending of the Age of Entitlement . . . for some

This kind of uneven playing field is what voters should be seeking to repeal. Too bad so many voters aren’t thinkers…
Oh well, it’s Shit, and it’s Gotta Stop.
One day, I’ll start writing my own stuff again, instead of plagiarising from others. I promise.
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“This decision says something significant about this government. We do not believe in government by chequebook  . . . We don’t believe in any normal circumstances that government should be playing favourites between private businesses.”

When Tony Abbott made this statement yesterday I thought to myself hang on . . .

“The Federal Government spends over $10 billion per year on subsidies that encourage the production and use of fossil fuels. About $65 million per electorate or, if you want to make it really personal, $430 per taxpayer each year.”

“Abolishing the private health insurance rebate could save the budget $3 billion a year, dwarfing the savings that would be generated by introducing a $6 fee for GP visits, according to a think tank.

The 30 per cent private health insurance rebate was introduced in 1999. Its annual cost has risen faster than any other component of government health…

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4 thoughts on “This is the ending of the Age of Entitlement . . . for some

  1. Yes, so the we need to stop first the Welfare to the Mining Sector, no more tax breaks, no more subsidies, no more entitlements from the public purse, want the ore pay the australian people all the royalties directly thank you. Then all the mining executives can work for 2.00 bucks an hour along with the rest of the morons that voted LNP. Then we will sit back and see how these lovely LNP Wealthy fuckwits will enjoy living on a very low income.


    1. Lovely. You have just created a utopia of sorts. Our bizarre-o world would be turned on its head.
      Seriously though, imagine if being a citizen of the country automatically made you a ‘share-holder’ of the resource extraction industry, and we were all paid a dividend, and the mining exec’s etc., were only paid the equivalent of a public service position.
      That’d level the playing field somewhat… Almost socialist…


      1. But it would be wonderful to see those Mutli Baggers suffering like the rest of us on low incomes. Make it a very equal playing field.


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