Australia Stunned into inaction

I love a good rant…
Reblogged, with thanks, from Nuclear Ideas

Nuclear Ideas

I’ve been so dumbfounded by what’s transpiring in our country at the moment it’s difficult to find the words but after listening to PJK on TV a couple of nights ago just had to have a rave

This budget is on my mind and I’m disgusted by what our country has allowed to happen.
We no longer live in a democratic country we have a small amount of people with huge amounts of inherited wealth that has become capitol growing faster than the countries economy.
This fast growing capitol allows this small percentile group to still invest, still grow capitol and have plenty to effect the very politics of our nation. To effectively buy the political class, for we do now have a political CLASS, and the results they need or desire from the nations elected leaders.
Seriously have a good look it’s not democracy it’s an oligarchy.

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