How Did You Get Here?

A picture of search terms
Search Terms – Down The Rabbit-Hole

A scan of the search terms used on Google and other search engines that have landed people here on my Shit web-log is an interesting exercise.  I guess it says something about something.  Pretty obvious, really…  and reassuring that, even though I put zero effort into SEO, the googles still work for me…

Here’s a list of some of the most used, as well as a few of the more intriguing ones:

2027 martin luther king jr ave

america is fucked

american fucked

asylum seeker hate rant

asylum seekers war casualties persuasive

australian industry can get fucked            (That’s not very nice…)

australian swastika southern cross

“black power day” october

celebrity cash

cronulla riots newspapers

diego garcia mh370 theory

fuckers world                                                                     (Odd…)

gina rinehart is revolting                    (Not very nice… but, yeah.)

i fucking hate the austrlians            (Is this the ‘industry’ guy…?)

i hate asylum seekers

if nauru gets invaded who will come to help them (Fair question.)

is going down i got a teember                                        (Umm?…)

james roy miranda divine

jindalee radar mh370

mh370 theory

miranda devine

monk sociopathy                                                     (Nice segue…)

morally corrupt billionaire

narcissistic billionaires

obama i fucked america                           (An admission of guilt?)

peter norman john carlos glove

refugees are crap                                                     (Now, now…)

rich fuckers

shit i got to get fucking done australia

shit’s gotta stop any time soon.                                  (You wish.)

shit’s gotta stop asgrayasgray        (Someone who knows me…)

sociapaths and how to stop the vacuum suck phenomenon(Sure)

sociopaths running the u.s.

some shit is just unnecessary                                         (Agreed.)

southern cross tattoo

stop the chaos



the madden brothers are wamkers(Agreed. Assuming ‘m’ = ‘n’.)

the richest fucker in the world

this shits gotta stop

tony abbott captain kirk                                    (Another segue…)

who is the richest fucker

why does tony abbott fucken wont to be a racist(Fair question 2)

why is miranda devine a hypocrisy

If you didn’t land here by virtue of my desperately self-promotional Twitter things or e-mail updates, you had to have typed something somewhere.  No matter how you got here, by whatever wacky terms typed into a text-entry box, I love that you made it.  Well done!




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