A Prediction – Iraq

Map of ISIS territory
A Split Region

I stopped making predictions years ago.  Because I was usually wrong…

Anyway, the ongoing chaos in Iraq has prompted some thoughts and the odd flash of premonition.  Probably wrong.

But here is the prediction:

Within a matter of months the sovereign nation now known as Iraq will no longer exist.  The same could possibly be said for Syria.

The Sunni militants will drive the Shia south, possibly accompanied by a capitulation of Baghdad into Sunni control.  The Kurdish north will become a Kurdish Republic, supported and shielded, or just left alone, by ISIS.  ISIS will claim control of the entire west of Iraq, possibly also the entire east of Syria.

How the respective Iranian and US involvements pan out will become apparent in due course.

It can only be messy.

The above prediction could be completely wrong.

Whatever happens, it’s war.  War is Shit.  Shit’s Gotta Stop.



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