Rostrum: Operation Operational Operations Edition!

Reblogged from The Daily Trash, with thanks.

The Gutter Trash


Sneering leftie elitists presents Joe Hockey the Smiling Buffoon, or How Australia Learned to Love Me and Make Me the Prime Minister.

That fat cigar-smoking sanctimonious bastard Joe Hockey, otherwise known as the Federal Treasurer, has unleashed a new account of his rise to the Prime Ministership as a much anticipated sequel to the success of his first ever federal budget.

The book, a precipitous concoction of mixed accounts from key players in the Liebral party, loosely packs together the somewhat disjointed and frequently opposing views of the protagonist’s rise from sweaty North Shore bumbling buffoon to smug Canberarrean cunt.

Yesterday at the launch of the book, the Treasurer said he’d leave ambitions of becoming PM to “destiny or whatever it may be”.

Yeah whatever…

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