My face, temporarily visible.
Peeking out from behind the flags.

I have temporarily revealed my face on my pseudonymous Twitter account.  Just taking a look with my eyes.  Cover = BLOWN.

That is all.



9 thoughts on “Face

      1. Do we really need to have a war about chocolate? OK. This is war.

        I am laying claim to your fridge. It is now mine. Every time you eat chocolate from your my fridge – that’s theft. I will call the authorities.

        Now. Hand. Over. The. Chocolate.


      2. I find you in breach of the UN resolution I had imposed. Therefore an invasion will take place. I will turn your country upside-down until I find your Chocolate of Mass-Satisfaction. There is never nothing to go to war for – even it is only little tiny bits of chocolate in between the cushions of your sofa.


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