Fluid Borders, Hell On Earth

A map of ISIS-held territory and oil stuff
A New Geopolitical Reality?

It seems that, for better or worse, my earlier prediction about Iraq and Syria is coming true.  Well, most of it.  Unfortunately for the Kurdish peoples caught up in this, my assessment that they would be left alone or perhaps even supported by ISIS/ISIL/IS seems to be completely wrong (probably out of ignorance or naivety about their ‘relationship’ with the ISIS warriors, in addition to the idea that maybe ISIS would be busy enough with Syria and the rest of Iraq…).

Iraq as a country would seem to teetering on the edge of oblivion.  Just today, Australia’s Prime Moron, Abbott, used the term “The Islamic State” in a way that instantly made me think (out loud, at the car radio) that the caliphate proclaimed by ISIS is now an internationally-semi-recognised entity (not that I take his word for anything, but his language is usually carefully chosen to support some deranged aim of his or of his controllers).  Has the West now given up on any idea of preserving or protecting Iraq?  Are they happy to capitulate and watch the seeds of destruction they had sown in the region now flower into a broken and hellish wasteland?

It would seem so.  It might just aid their agenda, whatever that is.

Syria has been left, for years now, to spiral into chaos, and untold numbers of innocent lives have been snuffed out in the most horrific ways imaginable.  Now that Iraq is witnessing similar atrocious acts, the West is now suddenly engaged – dropping humanitarian aid crates that break into a thousand pieces on impact, and bombing some of the US military hardware that was conveniently left deserted for the ISIS butchers to adopt and use in their expansionist operations.  Top work guys…

I wouldn’t dare suggest that the interest in this now is at all related to the energy sources and distribution infrastructure at risk or already lost, would I?

Anyway, as I always say, it’s Shit, and it’s Gotta Stop.  But I know it won’t…



2 thoughts on “Fluid Borders, Hell On Earth

    1. Absolutely. Unfortunately it’s not likely to end any time soon, and only time will tell what the impacts of airstrikes might be. Minimal impact, destruction of a cohesive IS, or radicalising and broadly expanding the base for even greater IS gains, are the only possible outcomes…


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