Corporate America

How could anyone not agree with this? Oh, unless you’re super-wealthy but don’t like paying your fair share…
Reblogged from Opinionated Man at HarsH ReaLiTy, with thanks.


3 thoughts on “Corporate America

  1. So true, the reality is that the upper 2% control the country for the rest of us. Work hard, be honest and you will achieve success is as much of a lie as the commercials telling people to save money for retirement. I just turned 30 and I have done the calculations. Unless I win the lottery (and I can’t afford to play!) I will work all the days of my life doing something to make ends meet. Lies–from the beginning our country had the lies of a republic and democracy built on a foundation of slavery and male, landowner’s control. Things have only gotten worse. Love your posts–keep on keeping on and share the message! Love & Blessings – liz


      1. Thank you! You can tell where my heart is on the subject–we are clearly kindred spirits 🙂 One of my best friends is a wonderful photographer–she helps out a lot! Thx & love – liz


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