Convulsion Induction – RePost for #Ferguson

A Taser Being Fired
Tiny Electric Torture Harpoons

Non-Lethal Weapons seem like a great idea, and their proper development should probably be encouraged, in order to prevent unnecessary deaths from firearm use by law enforcement agencies.  But they are often abused, misused, or overused.  The concern escalates when corporate and institutional corruption are involved – where the stock price of the non-lethal weapon manufacturer is of higher importance than the suitability of the weapon or the safety of the individuals upon whom their non-lethality is unleashed.

And that is the Shit that’s Gotta Stop.  Weasels in suits engaging in some mutually-beneficial back-scratching behind closed doors, or under oak desks, so that laws are changed in order for their company to be issued a supply contract to furnish a police force with slightly-less-than-lethal (on most occasions) equipment.

What we end up with is a long list of terrifying events, involving unnecessary and unwarranted death and injury – the gut-wrenching video footage of Brazilian student Laudisio Curti, writhing in agony and screaming for help as he is electro-stunned multiple times after being physically restrained; the numerous deaths and permanent disabilities resulting from the deployment of rubber bullets and bean bag rounds; the impact injuries, instant deaths, and exposure of innocent parties inflicted as a result of tear gas deployment…

Here’s a short list of some of the horrific results of ‘non-lethal’ weapons:

There are many, many more incidents.  A casual perusal of the inter-webs, especially YouTube, will draw you into the rabbit-hole, and keep you awake for a few nights…

And some potentially even scarier stuff is on the way, or already in use by military agencies – ‘directed energy’ weapons, such as the Active Denial System used by the U.S. military, which shoots an Extremely High Frequency beam at the target area and heats the skin of the victim/s, so that they feel as if they are on fire (yes, really…).  And already deployed by numerous agencies and private companies (including cruise ship liners…) is the LRAD – noise torture.

The corporate world, military goons, and law-enforcement junkies are all going bat-shit crazy, looking for novel and profitable ways of inflicting pain, torment, and possible death upon the rest of us.

If it came to the crunch, I think I’d rather be shot than tased – if you want to take me down in a non-lethal fashion, shoot me in the leg, or shoot me in the shoulder, please.

Don’t tase me, bro!



2 thoughts on “Convulsion Induction – RePost for #Ferguson

    1. Right on. Despite all the ‘adequate training’ they receive, they still never seem to get the concept that multiple and simultaneous stuns might not be such a great idea. Like you said, “just big boys with their big toys”…


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