How Did You Get Here? #2

As stated previously here, it’s always, well, ‘interesting’ to see what search terms people use to land them here at the World’s Shittiest Web-Log.  Here’s the latest batch of wonderful things, in no particular order, that have been typed into a search engine which then cause an algorithm to spit out this web address…

  • tony abbott captain kirk
  • monk sociopathy
  • i hate australians
  • isis is shit
  • if nauru gets invaded who will come to help them
  • australia fucking
  • astrolia focking
  • f 35 is crap
  • most narcissistic billionaire
  • how did this corruption ang fraud impact negatively in the country including tax?
  • karma for sociopaths
  • i hate these rich fuckers
  • hague human rights abuse australia sri lankan boat
  • mainstream media creates bullshit
  • was conductor patent beìnd taking down of malaysian aircraft
  • cruelty shit
  • top ten rich fuckers in world
  • this shits got to stop
  • su 25 shot down mh370
  • i fucking hate australia
  • i fuckin hate australians
  • we hate australia
  • you have no rights in fucking australia
  • ifucking pussy
  • imagine you are an asylum seeker what would you do
  • tony abbott is fucken nuts
  • stop the fucking boat people making our country sick?
  • fucking shitty australians
  • drawing fire mh17

Yes, people actually, really, typed those exact letter sequences into a web search…

There’s a lot of people out there typing things into search engines with a distinctly anti-Australia sentiment.  Gee, I wonder who might be somewhat responsible for besmirching our image abroad…?  Any ideas, Chicken Little Tony?



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