Christmas In July – Please Make Tony Abbott Die.

I know it’s not July anymore, but…
I just found this, and couldn’t have said it better, so I’m ‘stealing’ it. Hope you don’t mind, Buck, whoever you are (where’s your About page, man?!)
Can we change the name to ‘Christmas in September – Please Make Tony Abbott a Cadaver to Remember’, or something?
Anyway, go read it. Reblogged, with thanks, from Buck Frain’s Angry Place. Go read it, I said.

Buck Frain's Angry Place

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while since I wrote to you but at this point you’re probably the only one who can help me. Seeing as Christmas In July seems to be a thing now, please find below my list. It’s not very conventional but neither is Christmas In July so I’ve attempted to go for non-commercial presents that will be of benefit to lots of people, not just to me.

1. Please kill Tony Abbott. No need to make him suffer. Just make him stop being alive. He’s hurting pretty much everyone. He’s happy about it. His actions benefit no-one other than handful of ultra-wealthy people who don’t really need him. He brings nothing good, kind or honest to the world, only selfishness and suffering.

2. Please kill Joe Hockey. He’s a liar and a thief. He’s lied about his family’s business interests for 14 years while he lines…

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