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There Are No Rules

The first rule of social media is: ‘Don’t talk about the rules of social media.’

I’ve been meaning to post something, somewhere, about the ‘rules’ (more like a common-sense philosophy) that I have developed for myself in the world of social media.  When I first started dabbling in SM, on the reviled and adored (by some) facebook platform, it was clear that the interaction framework is self-evident – people post status updates or links and it is entirely up to each user what they ‘like’, ‘share’, or comment on.

Before starting to use Twitter (which initially baffled me.  It just didn’t seem to serve any purpose – now you can hardly get me off the thing.), I decided to do some research on the protocols – and it was quite difficult to find any guidance around what the do’s and don’ts are.

Anyway, here’s my rules for how to behave on facebook, Twitter, WordPress, and everywhere else in the virtual communication sphere:

  1. RECIPROCATE.  If someone follows your Twitter account or WordPress blog, do the same in return. [Exception: On Twitter, there are lots of obviously ‘scam’ accounts, and others offering “thousands of followers for only $29” or whatever.  I never reciprocate with those.]
  2. RECIPROCATE.  If someone likes a post, retweets your witty tweet, or comments on your latest post, do something in return.  A comment gone unanswered, a message not replied to, or any indication that the relationship is purely one-way, is no fun, and gets old, real quick.
  3. RECIPROCATE.  Just.  Be.  A.  Person.  Just because you’re on social media, doesn’t mean normal rules of civility don’t apply.  Sure, there’s some relaxed language, and casual interaction that can be taken or left, but we’re all still humans (except the ‘bots) – some of us with a fragile ego (not me!).  AND, only bona fide celebrities should have 10 to 1 or 1000 to 1 follower:following ratios.  Wanna be a celebrity?  Go make a movie, or cut an album, or just fucking get over yourself.
Specific ‘Rules’ – Twitter
  1. Follow back all Followers – except obvious scam/spam accounts.
  2. Unfollow all Unfollowers – if they don’t want to engage any more, or if they have built up their follower numbers and then dropped you (ooooh, I hate that…), why let them populate your timeline with their tweets?
  3. Use the ‘Mute’ feature of Twitter – for ‘bot’-type accounts (such as inspirational/celebrity quote accounts that issue LOTS of tweets, you can simply mute them, and they disappear from your timeline [TL], but you are still mutually Followers) – Keep Yourself Sane!, by emptying these out of your TL.
  4. Don’t engage in arguments on Twitter – the infamous 140-character limit makes this completely pointless.  If, after the 2nd or 3rd stroke of a tweet-rally, the debate is not over and/or is getting nasty, bail out, as gracefully as possible.
  5. More to come…?
Specific ‘Rules’ – WordPress
  1. Follow back all Followers – except obvious scam/spam accounts.
  2. Respond to all comments on your blog, either with a comment reply, or with a ‘Like’ (where that’s possible), depending on the context of the comment (some comments require no reply, so a ‘Like’ is just as good).
  3. More to come…

Oh, and if you ever catch me not abiding by my own rules, call me out on it!



P.S. – This is my 100th published post on this blog!


2 thoughts on “Social Media Rules OK

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post. What did we ever do to deserve the other 99!!! Social media is a beast, if you are lucky you can attract enough like minded people to get something done (in my case, promote pot and evade the cops)

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