Well, take it or leave it – at your leisure or peril. This video is not the ‘greatest’ in terms of spelling and grammar, but the central message is in there. I don’t *necessarily* subscribe to this theory, but it is as good a theory as any, and there is much in the way of history and logic that points toward something VERY dodgy happening with these two ‘mysteries’ of the air.
Statistics alone dictate that the chances of a catastrophic ‘failure’ of the same model aeroplane, operated by the same airline, within just a few short months of each other are miniscule – the odds are MANY MILLIONS to one that this would occur.
Anyway, have a look, and take it a step or two further down the rabbit-hole. Go on, I dare you…
Reblogged, from ‘wchildblog’, with thanks.


David Vose

It is now clear that our U S government is lieing and trying to push the world into WW3. The evidence is overwheling that the U S government is corrupt and MUST be stopped. I call upon all Americans who love this country and ALL HUMANS every where, we must stand up now or lose our freedom and most likely our world. These wicked elite bankers will not stop because of the greed and they are running our world into oblivion. When you see the NEWS, any network, any channel, you will see only puppets telling you lies and it is time we stop believing them. PLEASE fellow Americans, wake up!! We must stop our government from destroying this earth. What can we do? Get this video out to all you know and those you do not know. Let us write our senators and march in the streets…

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2 thoughts on “MH17 Shot DOWN over UKRAINE is MISSING MALAYSIAN Flight 370

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