Boycott! List Update #3

flight centre
Don’t Get My Tickets Here

A very short post here.

I’ve added Flight Centre to my Boycott! list.  See here, for the updated list page.

In short, they shafted me once, by being very rude; and they are owned, at least in part, by a complete bastard.

If you read my Boycott! page and think that there is something else I should add, or some reason that I’m wrong to boycott anything in particular, let me know!



3 thoughts on “Boycott! List Update #3

    1. Much obliged.
      I will look them up and add them to my ‘travel’ links.

      You’re redacting yourself…! I made up a new word (unless someone had already beaten me to it) just this morning for exactly this situation. It is: kunchabuntz. Feel free to employ wherever the situation dictates.

      You’re welcome. 😉

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