“Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

‘Trickle down’, indeed… More like ‘sponge up’.
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“Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

 Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time! Evolving from DICKHEAD TO DICTATOR, in record time!

What’s with the rabid right, and their obsession with the idea of “Trickle down” policies?

During the start of the GFC when Rudd announced his stimulus package, the LNP were up in arms about handing out money to the poor and disadvantaged, along with the HIP (Home Insulation Program), and the BER (Building Education Revolution), which despite all the rhetoric from the rabid right, were hugely successful programs that did exactly what was required at the time, to keep Australia’s economy powering along through the GFC, saving many thousands from the unemployment queues, and supporting small businesses.

Of course, the LNP’s only offering was to talk down the economy, and the measures implemented, while offering their only option of giving money to the big end of town, in the hope that they wouldn’t take the handouts and;

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4 thoughts on ““Trickle down” environment policy… WTF?

    1. Indeed. We are the upside-down-under asshole of the earth, ‘led’ by a sociopathic troglodyte cabin-boy. Me thinkz we take the crown for most fucked up. Oh, hang on, there was just that mid-term thing in the US that seems to prove the stupid is shared far and wide!

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      1. Yes, I said exactly the same thing about the US voters, to my wife, today as we watched the news, giving power back to the morons that caused their problems in the first place… Idiots! 😯

        It takes a special kind of stupid… Let’s hope we’ve learnt the lesson when 2016 comes around 😉

        Cheers 🙂

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