The Cloudies! 2014 – 2015

Well, it took me a while, but I got there to say ‘Thank You!‘ for nominating me!

Yeah, that’s right peeps, I gotted nominated for The Cloudies, in TWO categories!! They were:

Best political Satire and/or social commentary award


The most interesting blog examining literature and wordiness in general.’

I am immensely chuffed, whatever that means…

Seriously though, thanks a million, Sonmi! Now all the rest of you, get over there and check out the other outstanding nominees, and, of course, the winners – congratulations to all of you (and curses of envy be upon you)!!

Reblogged from Sonmi’s Cloud, with thanks and other affirming, gratitudinal things. Cheers!

Esme's Cloud

The Cloudies!

Like the Oscars…..but better!

(Warning, strong language, potentially bloody awful grammar and descriptions that may leave faint those of a nervous disposition follow (but no nudity I’m afraid)).

one year on.

It was one year ago to this very day that sonmi and the Cloud first alighted upon the blogosphere after wandering in the wilderness for many aeons, knowing not if she would be staying for long, or flying off lightly after a few cautious transmissions. She was here only for the words and it was the words that insisted she remain, at first. Inspiration is here in the aether, if you look for it in the right places, behind an old broken Grandfather clock, under that heavy sundial in the garden, flittering softly above the rafters, tucked into the worn patchwork pocket of a gaudy apron, resting gently along the edge of a cracked dado rail. In essence, within other unusual blogs, constructed…

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