Changing Direction

Taking cues from my readers and other blogs I follow and interactions on other social media things, it’s time to dedicate some effort to ‘crystallizing’ the aim, intent, and … the SOUL, I guess … of this here Shit Web-Log.

It’s time to go the full retard FULL SATIRE.  I’ll probably have to look that up on urban wiktionary or something so I know what I’m supposed to be doing…

Why didn’t I do this to begin with?

Maybe because I was trying to be all serious, and all things to all people, and maybe I thought I couldn’t pull it off.  “Pull it off!!!!!”

Whatev’s, that’s what I’m doing.

Partly because in times of very recentness two or three independent disconnected individuals have actually referred to me as a ‘political satirist’.  Well, hey!  If that’s what you want me to be, who am I to argue?

I’ll keep the site as it is, maintain its name (maybe a new site alias?) and its links and all that, but just subtly change direction… and just continue doing stuff, but without all the whiney, whingy, “Oh, look at that bad Shit.  Someone should really put a Stop to that.“…

Because, guess what?  That Shit ain’t NEVER going to Stop.  Not now.  Not ever.  No matter what I do.

So now, maybe, I’m just going to be all about TAKING THE PISS, as they say.  Unless I change my mind.

Hope that’s OK, guys and girls?

Oh, and I might consider a new pen name, a nom de plume, a pseudonym, an also-known-as, you know…  I’ll get trashed and come up with something.

Until next, OUT.


10 thoughts on “Changing Direction

    1. Awkward is right! I had to check I was still wearing pants… And then wondering how you could see my compromising situation… I closed the blinds in a hurry, just to be safe.
      And, thanks for the pressure… 😉

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  1. Bloody fine sentiments old chap. We are here to evolve so go nuts !! Blogging is a funny gig. Sometimes you resonant with a bunch of like minded souls and then you start writing what you think they want to hear rather than what you want to write. Just keep going back to what amuses you and we will all get along swimmingly

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  2. Looks like Abbott is gone – I would like to start a discussion on Narcissistic Sociopaths – I know a very wealthy man here in Sydney who is a Narcissistic Sociopath – probably Aspergers as well – these ‘conditions’ when mixed together is called ‘Co -Morbid’ – I have known this person for over a decade – i noticed that he was ‘left handed’ – I asked him if his children (who are grown up) were also left handed – he replied – “I don’t know” ! imagine that – grown up children and you don’t know if they are right or left handed ! Anyway it got me thinking – Did you know that Obama – Cameron AND Abbott are ALL left handed ! What are the chances of that ? Obama and Cameron in my opinion are definitely ‘Narcissistic Sociopaths ‘ – I suspect Abbott is too,although he does lack the ‘charm’ factor associated with this disorder – Abbott has NO charm – he is definitely Aspergers though – Abbott loves ‘routine’ – the cycling – his reluctance to move into the ‘official’ residence – stays at the ‘barracks’ when visiting Canberra – He likes ‘familiarity’ and ‘routine’ an obvious Aspergers trait !
    Any comments ?

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    1. Hi!, Yes, it is certain that abbott is a goner – just maybe not today. Maybe. And yes, he is definitely, as you say, a ‘Charmless Narcissist’ – now there’s a new condition for the psychiatric manual of disorders!

      You’ve highlighted some of the actions of his that make it clear there is something ‘not quite right’ about his mental state. On top of that is the fact that he is an intellectual minnow, and so for him to be in the position he holds now, he must have been ‘supported’ through his political career. Maybe even ‘selected’ a long time ago to carry out a particular agenda. I think of him as a ‘Disposable Battering Ram’. He has, somehow, and certainly against all the odds of natural politics, found himself in the top job. And that is where whoever selected him wants to keep him for as long as possible. Today’s defeat of the spill motion may just give him more impetus to carry on with his harmful agenda.

      Whatever the truth is, he has been somewhat successful in getting his job done. He has continued and strengthened the demonisation of asylum seekers (and therefore all non-white foreigners), he has re-opened the ‘debate’ about worker’s rights and put the negative focus onto the poor, disabled, unemployed, and sick. He has overseen progress on damaging ‘free-trade’ agreements, and it is likely all the media focus on his leadership has taken all attention away from the TPP agreement that will probably fly under the radar and become our new reality.

      So, for his handlers, he has been a success, no matter what happens to his job now. It will take a power of work to undo the damage he has wrought. Unfortunately for us all, even those who don’t know it or believe otherwise, he has been a successful tool for those who would kill progress and desire us to stay on course for the neo-conservative agenda.


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