Force Protection

Aural observations of nocturnal aerial movements

Picture of a Bomber
I Am Grateful For The Protection

I don’t profess to know what is happening, or why they might be there.  But I’m grateful for the shield above me.  I guess…

In recent weeks I have noticed a familiar, yet uncommon sound.  It is that distinctive deep smooth/rumble of a non-commercial aircraft.  On a few nights, usually just a bit after midnight, a very fast machine has moved across my sky, from east to west.  High above the clouds (always and only on cloud-covered nights), and gone from horizon to horizon in the space of 40-odd seconds.

I couldn’t tell you if they are domestic or allied foreign in origin – as I have seen both in the skies in the past – and these latest ones seem to choose night-flights in overcast conditions.  And, no, it’s not quite Air Show arrival season… well, it is almost, in a couple of weeks, but they’re not flying in that direction.

Should I be at all concerned?  Preparing for something..?  Probably not.  It’s just good to know the boys are getting in some night-flying practice.  Fly right, boys, fly right.

Wick Burner


3 thoughts on “Force Protection

  1. We get the jet-jockeys-for-jesus flying over Redneck, Arizona all the time day and night. You see a way out here in Redneck, Arizona the military is keeping we rednecks safe from the ‘standing people’ and them dang clambering over the fence Mexicans and Democrats and jihadis. Now I’ve never actually seen a jihadi a way out here in the Sonora BUT, should some fool jihadi show his face, well, that jihadi will look like a swiss cheese in no time flat.

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