3 thoughts on “At the mercy of the state

  1. I understand ‘shirtfront’ Tony has a private jet to fly around in and Australia’s taxpayers get to pay Tony’s tab. What with Tony’s living the highlife and surveillance and fascism spreading far and wide, won’t be long and the “Oz” will be just like the good old US of A.
    Somebody get me a cheeseburger… Be sure to smile for the camera.

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    1. It’s a living fucking parody, this mess of a ‘government’ and their hand-picked, disposable head-kicker. Tiny tony doesn’t pay for a single damn thing out of his own pocket – everything is on the public purse.

      The push is on, for sure, to make us a little USA – with only the worst elements of the Great Republic being pursued.

      Our cheeseburgers are now made of koala meat, to make space for coal mines.

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