Don’t Mention The B-1

Pentagon says B-1 On It’s Way To Australia.

Then tiny tony says ‘No’, Then Pentagon says ‘Oops’.

Picture of a Bomber
On The Way; Already Here

Link to news: Tony Abbott confirms US has no plans to send B-1 bombers to Australia, says defence official ‘misspoke’

As part of US ‘defense’ actions, a lot of Marines and their assorted hangers-on are soon to be based in Darwin.

A statement issued overnight by the Assistant US Defense Secretary clearly stated, “We will be placing additional air force assets in Australia as well as B-1 bombers and surveillance aircraft”.

Some people, mostly from China, and a good handful from Australia as well, got a bit flustered at the very thought of this.

Then came the ‘correction’: “I understand that the official misspoke and that the US does not have any plans to base those aircraft in Australia,” abbott said.

I’ll say two things about this issue:

  1. If the Assistant US Defense Secretary says that a certain piece of hardware is on its way, well you can bet that that is what has been planned.
  2. The B-1 is/was already here.  I know this because I have seen it flying, more than once.  One particularly memorable encounter was at night, the B-1 flying very low and slow; probably moving from one RAAF base to another (East Sale to Edinburgh, I suspect), back in the 90’s.  I well remember calling the RAAF the following day to report an ‘unusual sighting’ of what I considered to be a military aircraft operating outside its usual performance envelope.  I was assured that while there was no record of this particular flight plan, that military aircraft can and did fly wherever they damn well liked; and they didn’t necessarily have to log their plans with civilian agencies.

Yours in shared responsibility for defence of our wide brown land, and posturing our forces in a manner provocative to the Chinese,

Wick Burner


5 thoughts on “Don’t Mention The B-1

  1. The B-1’s are there comfy cozy and ready to go from RAAF sites all across the ‘down under’. Winks and nudges and jostling elbows are considered cutesy by the upper political crust as “they know better” than regular folk. Gonna have a war you see and best to be prepared (?) for the inevitable.
    In our postmodern hi-speed war-in-a-blink modality, a B-! would be an albatross and would take about that long to get off the ground. But and however, the mere presence of a B-1 strikes awe and wonder in the eye of any enemy beholder and that’s the entire point.

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    1. Indeed – Just because we’re upside-down doesn’t mean that the normal rules of oxymoronic double-speak don’t apply! According to current recruitment adverts here, joining the military ‘gives you choice’.

      Choice to be a tool of the state…


  2. Language explained! “Misspoke” = To say something which is being secretly discussed and isn’t supposed to be public knowledge! NB: Not to be confused with “bullshit”!

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    1. This would have to be one of the gaffes of the decade, in terms of breaching secrets; but it’s already old news now and no-one cares. There’s apparently a bunch of 15 year-old jihadi fighters to throw into jail for 25 years when they beg to come home to their mothers – now THAT’s news!

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