How Did You Get Here? #3

Following on from previous lists here and here, another list of search terms people used to arrive here.  I’m a tiny bit intrigued at the weird and wonderful digital conduits through the internet that facilitate these random visits.

Here’s the latest batch of wonderful word combinations, exactly as they were typed, in no particular order, that have been typed into a search engine which then cause an algorithm to point this way…

  • search engines with no shit
  • can being tased keep you awake
  • the warden off holes
  • be alert not alarmed fridge magnet
  • meaning of deliberate
  • billionares are narcissist
  • sociopath promoted
  • sociopathic shit
  • boycott cigarette
  • i fucken hate you tony abbott
  • boxing kangaroo southern cross racist
  • isis are full of crap
  • wick is drug legislation
  • australia fucked up country
  • fuck the asylum seekers
  • i fucking hate boats
  • mh370 barrell rolls
  • chart scott morrison asylum seekers boat miranda devine
  • working of rapturing machine
  • tony abbott’s religious wars
  • stop fucking australia
  • photos of this shits gotta stop [a potential stalker? – WB]
  • {searchterms
  • isis what is this shit
  • fucked in australia
  • apology to peter norman shit’s gotta stop
  • i hate s ott morrison
  • australian job market fucked
  • gotta stop using drugs
  • australians fucking
  • tony abbott’s team terror
  • ancient egyptian unclothed women
  • jindalee radar mh370
  • isis shit of the earth
  • twitter arab boobs
  • image, at some point this shit gotta stop
  • tantrum tony abbott
  • صناعة حجول الحمام  [Google Translation: ‘Hjul bathroom industry’ – WB]
  • xanophobia burners
  • tony abbott and global warming
  • fox eating a chicken
  • search parties lead astray mh370
  • fucking ostreliyan butetions
  • tony abbott narcissist
  • fucked up shit in australia
  • tits press image
  • wolf eating a chicken
  • tony abbott tsunami fool

The anti-Australia sentiment continues…, and, so much cussin’ entered into search fields…  Kids these days…

Wick Burner


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