Going Dark – An Assassination Tale

Darkness Beckons

The time had come and then gone

His task complete, he lowered the weight of the rifle to the ground

Heart still racing, breathing shallow and rapid

He tried to slow it down, and sucked icy air deep into his lungs

It seemed the echo of the single shot he had fired was still rebounding

Off cold concrete and empty roads

Everything else was only silence

As if he was alone in an artificial city

Alone with his thumping heart

And the numbness shared by his fingers, his face, his ears

How much time would pass before they came for him

He could not know that they were nearly upon him

His gaze remained fixed on the downed target

The pink mist he had generated was now gone

And the pooling blood was now visible from his vantage point

People were running

This way and that

They looked confused

They looked lost

He was happy about that

Look what you made me do

Now you might know why

And you thought he would get away with it forever

That no-one would crack

That no-one would become proactive

That no-one would be pushed past their limit

The damage wrought by your actions

Was more than we should have tolerated

Your time was up

Your time was past and had passed

Before you even came to power

On the backs of lies and falsehoods

Now look at you

You’re dead


It was then that he felt the hot flood escape him

Breathing became impossible and he tasted warmth and copper

Turning his gaze downward he saw the rich red puddle growing beneath him

Swelling up and overflowing

Soaking into the earth between blades of grass

His neck felt like it was on fire

His head was boiling

His body felt like ice

He could no longer feel his arms or his legs

There was a dull thud as the rifle stock dropped to the ground

And tipped left into the thick concoction of blood and grass

Red and green

It made him think of Christmas

And then he made one last effort to see what he had done

The chaos before him

The target had been raised onto a trolley

An ambulance waiting

But no efforts to pump the life back in

The sheet draped over the full length

And then the darkness began to close in from all around

Yours in hastily-planned & executed actions of extreme civil disobedience, but only in fantastic ways,

Wick Burner


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