The TPP: If it’s so Good, why is it so Secret?

Relax – we are now locked-in to ‘FREE TRADE FOR EVERYBODY’!! There’s no way this will be a bad thing…

The TPP. It must be really shit, because almost nobody knows a damn thing about it.

This piece reblogged, with muchos thanks in advance, from The Gutter Trash.

Go visit their site, and watch the video.

The Gutter Trash

tppnader_590From the interwebs…

The TPP agreement is just another shot in the century long campaign by the US elites and multinationals to form the world in their image.

As others have already said, the principal pre-occupation of those groups since before the end of the Second World War has been to prevent the emergence of any other power that might challenge the ability of the US to run the world in the interests of that group.

That goal is reflected in thousands of US planning documents since that time. It has also been reflected in the military and subversive interventions into the internal affairs of over two thirds of the countries that compose the UN by the US government.

As US economic power declines, it is seeking, through the use of such “trade” agreements, to extend the life of that control for as long as possible.

That these agreements are…

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