SITREP, Thanks and Hello

Self Portrait on The Gold Coast
Self Portrait on The Gold Coast

So, I’ve just returned, in the real world, tonight, from a week-long vacation to the subtropical wilds of the Brisbane region, some 1,500kms (~900+ miles) from home.  But now I’m back, and I’m already well-inebriated and right back in the groove.  Inspired by my mild intoxication, I thought a Situation Report of some sort was in order.

Firstly – Thanks! & Hello! (not necessarily in that order):

Hello(!) to new ‘followers’ (there has to be a better word for it, surely…), and thanks for stopping by and chancing your arm at maybe reading something else I write here in the future, which might actually be this, which is now actually in the past, if you’re reading it, now….

But seriously, Thank You.  And the same goes for connections here tapping me on Twitter.

Thanks also to Danny at Dream Big, Dream Often, who recently featured this here web-log on his appropriately-titled ‘Featured Bloggers‘ series.  I don’t recall paying him any money to include a link on the list, but he did it anyway, and that is greatly appreciated.  You bloggy people should click those linky things and visit…

Thank you also, somewhat belatedly, to Jason the Opinionated Man of HarsH ReaLiTy fame, who reblogged a rant of mine some time ago, and crashed my Windows ’95 server arrays with a cascade of referred visitors, the likes of which remain un-equalled in modern history.  Likewise, blogsters, and anyone else, clicky clicky linky thingy

Finally, thank you to bekitschig at bekitschig, who nominated this place for ‘one of those WordPress awards‘, which I may or may not participate in fully or partly once I’ve thought about it, but I am always exceptionally pleased to be nominated for anything and thank you immensely, bekitschig, for doing so and for your kind words about this thing here while you were doing so!

Finally, finally,  thanks and appreciation to ‘The Regulars’, who they themselves know themselves as such, for continuing to entertain a reading and a commenting and an interchanging of pleasantries and conversation always of a pleasing nature and producing incessantly fine works themselves which I am pleased to have discovered.


While up in the higher sub-tropics in recent days I made two new friends;  the first was one of the little geckos that inhabited the rear patio:

'Fluoro Gecko'
I Shall Call Him ‘Fluoro Gecko’

And the second was a ~25cm (10 inch) phasmid, which I think was a Titan stick insect, the largest species of stick insect in Australia, with young on its back, also visiting me in my holiday chill-zone:

'Stella' the Stick Insect
‘Stella’ the Stick Insect

A shout-out to Fluoro and Stella; Hope you’re hanging tough in the humids and damps and oppressive sticky heats…

Some distance away from where I was staying and at a time I was away from there, I was fortunate enough to witness the horrendously offensive locale known as Surfers Paradise being devoured alive by an angry fog-breathing Pacific Ocean working in tandem with an equally-angry sky.  This was just the entrée:

A photo of Surfers Paradise being eaten by the Pacific Ocean
Saline Pacific Ocean Mist Began To Melt The Concrete & Glass

It got a lot worse (or better, depending on your perspective) very quickly, and I had to leave very quickly because electricity was falling out of the clouds at the speed of light.

And on my flight from OOL to MEL tonight, I was reading On The Road, as one does, and there is a line toward the end of chapter 2 in part 2 that goes like this:

Dean had a sweater wrapped around his ears to keep warm.  He said we were a band of Arabs coming in to blow up New York.

It’s really interesting where some ideas originate from…

Catch you next time I write something or you write something or I stalk you even though you haven’t or you stalk me even though I haven’t, or…

Yours in reportage of situations and happenings and saying howdy and thanks y’all,

Wick Burner


2 thoughts on “SITREP, Thanks and Hello

    1. Thanks for that, Tubular! I’d hate to know what you thought before my visage was revealed in so flattering a manner… If I do say so myself, I impose rather a dapper vision when seen in the form of a shadow… And yes, a bit of sun and temporary re-location to semi-tropical climes is quite the tonic. Cheers!

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