soup for tuesday on weak-ass wednesday

There is no more refreshingly accurate assessment of what all that hyped-up ‘Super Tuesday’ circus of 2 days ago means* – so I had to swoop in here and ‘steal’ it. Thanks Donzo!
* – Business as usual; the rest of the world is bemused and a little bit concerned.
Click through to read the full post and to see the yummy Graffica, and, err, “y’all Vote fer Trumpf!”



The Donald Trumpf Wins Soup-For-Tuesday!

Big bold screaming headlines announce much ado about nothing.

Killary Sweeps Bernie!

Campaign Is Over – AmeriKKKa loses!

The punditry is foaming at the mouth and according to sentiments expressed by ABCBSCNNBCMSNBC and of course FauxNews, the amerikan people should be weaping bitter tears while wearing sackcloth and rolling in the ashes of media burning.

Even amerika’s turd-blossom, the renowned asshole that shilled for Buckaroo Bush the interminable Karl Rove, is a worrying serious worry that Trumpf can’t be stopped.

The Trumpf most certainly can be stopped. The good old fashioned amerikan way, assassination. A bullet to the head was certainly good enough for John F. Kennedy so, what the hell is the Republican establishment waiting for. I’m just saying…

The Trumpf is exactly what the Republicans deserve. The Madame Clinton is exactly what the Democraps deserve. Whatever the eventual outcome may in fact…

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