Post Status: Draft


An idea: Maybe publish posts as the drafts they exist as, unfinished.  Seems that I write more drafts than full actual posts, and it seems like many posts never get past draft stage and it’s a real shame to just leave the poor things abandoned…

At abandonment stage, keyboards are smashed and my forehead hurts from too many self-propelled collisions with the desk/table, and I just give up and mumble something along the lines of “who the fuck would want to read this shit anyway? Ain’t it fucking obvious that everything’s fucked, and, well, FUCK IT…”, and then I walk away and just waste more time on other things that are futile and pointless and not really very rewarding at all… or on things that are possibly futile but rather rewarding, at least in the short term…

And also, I thought, because I know, that if I’m here more, writing stuff (i.e., actually pressing ‘Publish’), even if it’s not printing-press-ready, then I’m here more, reading as well, because when I’m not here, I’m not here, reading, and I should be, because it’s better than the other shit.

So perhaps it might be fun (and possibly annoying for others, which gives me no real pleasure) to just ramble-type some shit and then press the ‘Publish’ button without so much as another thought, like I’m about to do right now…

Until the next poorly-composed meaningless unfinished thing,

Wick Burner


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