Karma Splat

Cop That, Adolf

‘Tread lightly and do no harm’ is a pretty fucking difficult philosophy to abide by in a world teeming with gazillion-trillions of bugs, flies, gnats, mozzies, parasitic wasps, among many other unavoidable tiny swarming buzzing creatures.  I kill a million whatevers every day without even knowing it, I’m sure.

This can’t be good, karmically, one would be excused for suspecting.  That is, unless the Universe is nothing more (how arrogant) than a Soul Recycling System incorporating the proprietary Karmic Justice Dispensation add-on, in which every doomed-to-die-horrifically-in-a-macro-sense fly, gnat, bug, etc., is nothing more than the embodiment of the reincarnated soul of a past-life murderer/despot/warlord/very-very-very-bad-person; and all my inadvertent or semi-accidental interactions with them is as the Universe’s tool of justice dispensation – to bestow the coup de grâce upon the tiny critter who may have been at one time in a former life someone like a Hitler or Idi Amin or Vlad the Impaler.  Said dictatorial, murderous, genocidal, megalomaniacal evil inflicter of pain and misery is re-birthed into the life of a tiny critter only to be squished or ground to death over and over and eternally and over and over….

It is therefore my duty to relish the opportunity given to me; to do the bidding of the Karmic Justice Dispensation-equipped Soul Recycling System Universe with some oomph, is it not?  Crush that annoying bug, that embodiment of that horrendous guy that did those horrible things.  TEACH IT THE ERROR OF ITS WAYS.  MAKE IT SO THAT THE PAIN OF ITS VICTIMS WILL BE MIRRORED BACK UPON IT.

Is that reasonable?

Wick Burner


Note: Please excuse any confusion with references to karma that should probably really be dharma, or for any other gross offence caused by this posted-without-too-much-thought Draft Post.


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