Trouble With Pendulums

Alleged Russian Hacker Surreptitiously Loads an Influence Virus into the Mainframe of The Esoteric Pendulum Room

Physics Rules OK.  A pendulum swings.  From left to right, and right to left.  Physics Rules OK.

Physics got corrupted some time ago, and the pendulum was used as a means to power.  But still it swung.  From right to left, and left to right.  From better to worse, and worse to better.  Back.  And forth.  Stimulus to austerity, austerity to stimulus.  Back.  And forth.

A corruptible pendulum is a tempting weapon to wield.  If one were in the business of wielding weapons.

And so we have, now, a Pendulum Room, in the esoteric sense, perhaps, corrupted and hacked and overrun by KAOS agents pretending to be Keystone Cops trying not to get caught out being nothing more than Gestapo agents disguised as harmless funny KAOS agents.  But everyone already knows that they’re really just Nazis in clown suits, but only so many of them are brave enough to admit it to themselves, and even fewer are really able to appreciate what not admitting it really means.

The trouble with pendulums is that they can be bent, broken, and even hijacked by people dressed as Mel Brooks dressed as Hitler underneath their suits and starched white shirts and obligatory colour-coded neck-ties.  Your grandfather clock no longer keeps correct time, and nobody really knows what the fuck is going on anymore.

Pendulums are trouble.  Get smart, go retro, get yourself a sundial.

Wick Burner





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