Donald Trump's Shit Hair

Non-Reassuring Reading Regarding The Drumpfocracy

A Recycled Image For A Recycled Really Bad Set Of Ideas

The various spheres into which I have antennae placed are ABUZZ right now.  There is a growing sense in some circles that the Drumpf Administration is a thinly-veiled administrative coup d’etat of the United States of America.  This is not hyperbole.  This is the growing sense.  Will it pan out accordingly?  Nobody but the Drumpf inner sanctum really knows, probably.

The current noise over the globally-maligned-unless-you’re-Australia immigration executive order would appear to be a flash-grenade diversion that focuses the world’s gaze on the hot-button issue and simultaneously sets the coup operation into motion.  The administrative and judicial branches seem to have been decimated or gutted of staff and officials in certain key departments.

This is not something I am making up.  This is now, quite possibly, what is actually happening.

Either that, or maybe it’s just the blustering buffoon Donald and his wacky mates having a grand old yuk-yuk time and everything will return to ‘normal’ in four years or so…

Anyway, enough from me, because I came here tonight, principally, to share two articles from a source I’d never encountered before, and know almost nothing about.  These things are having the shit shared out of them at present; and so I urge you to pass it on.  The timing of and reasoning behind these articles is something to behold, and ponder, and be a little bit worried about.

Please go and read these short articles by Yonatan Zunger:

What “Things Going Wrong” Can Look Like


Trial Balloon for a Coup?


Sleep well, little ones…

Wick Burner

View story at


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