Bag One

Level 1: The Front-line Survival Assemblage Vessel


It’s All About The Bags

Level 1: The ‘Man-Bag’ Episode

NB: This post is the natural progression from a slightly alarmist previous post: Things To Do Now, and is meant as a ‘reveal’, if you will, of the things I am doing (in real life, IRL, shock!, horror!) to ‘prepare’ for a range of potentially likely future scenarios.  Not panicking, just trying to stay ready for The Strange and The Unexpected…

At present I have 2 levels or tiers of ‘preparation’/’survival’ equipment completed, and a third and larger level in-progress.  All three levels are based on, in, and around a bag or pack of some description.

This first, Level 1 bag (see photograph above), is set up as follows –

A ‘5.11 Tactical’ over/under shoulder pack capable of carrying an array of ‘handy stuff’.  [To be honest, this is what some would refer to as a ‘man-bag’ – something I definitely would have scoffed at in certain situations – but, whatever, I have a handbag, and sometimes I even wear it like one.]  It’s not too over-the-top in terms of bulk and doesn’t make it immediately appear as though I’m pulling off a heist or a bank job.

In normal circumstances it contains, carries, or is/can be used to accommodate:

  • Another, smaller, adjustable-strap ‘secure’ man-bag (from ‘Kathmandu’ stores, has pick-pocket-preventing zip locks, RFID-blocking card slots, etc.) living inside it, like a babushka/Russian/nesting doll situation, inside of which lives:
    • Wallet, keys, phone, travel pass, etc.
    • Ancillary/non-daily use banking cards/ID, store loyalty cards, etc.
    • Spray jacket
    • Map measurer/compass/thermometer combo tool
    • ‘Swiss Army’ credit card multi-tool (scissors, file, pen, knife, tweezers, toothpick)
    • Back-up battery (7800Mah) for phone/tablet, etc.
    • Room for other bits, dependent upon the situation
      • this mini-man-bag is used in more discreet situations (e.g., can be worn easily under a suit jacket or coat, or used like a tourist-style bum-bag/fanny-pack)
  • Pens and writing tools, notepad/notebook
  • Vaping paraphernalia/snus/breath mints
  • Water (each side pocket of the 5.11 bag expands to accommodate a ~1 litre drinking bottle)
  • ‘Gerber’ multi-tool and extension kit (strapped to shoulder strap)
  • ‘ZAK Tool’ window-punch/handcuff key/DNA scraper/eye-poker pen-tool/weapon
  • Paracord loop
  • Bandana
  • iPod Classic & Skull Candy headphones
  • Plenty of room/flexibility, loops and straps, etc., to add/store/carry other bits, as required

When not being used/carried, this bag lives in whatever car I am driving at the time, within reach of where I sit, at the wheel.  Also within easy reach or access in the car are a torch, sighting compass, first-aid kit/s, water bottles, rain coat/s, a tool-box, among other potentially useful bits and pieces.

I have deduced that I am within 20 metres of my car 85% of the time, or more, so it seems a logical and secure location for ease of access.

The same applies to the larger, Level 2, ‘get-home/bug-out’ bag (a day-pack style of back-pack, in my case), which is complete and in use, and will be outlined in a future post; it also lives in the car, this time in the rear storage zone/boot/trunk, whatever…

Above these two ‘bag systems’ is the Level 3, ‘hunker-down/bug-out’ bag (under construction), which is home-based, and this will also be outlined in a future post.

Happy to take any suggestions on items I may be missing…


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