About (older version)

“What is this Shit?”, I hear you ask/exclaim.  Well, wait and see, just like me; but it will probably be vast, all-encompassing, and generally quite broad and aimless in nature.  Bear with me…

My venting project.  That is what this is About.

An exercise in futility.  Perhaps.  Probably.

It’ll be stream-of-consciousness, alcohol-fueled, and either ahead of its time, way out-of-step with social convention, or just plain wrong.

Embarking on this web-log-adventure; cowering behind the thin veil of a not-so-secret pseudonym as I spray venom at all that Shit that should probably really be Stopped. If only to preserve my own sanity. Totally selfish.

No expectations of success at Stopping any of it.  Especially in the face of a horrible inability to maintain a publishing schedule.

On that, I will try to publish often, but expect occasional months-long gaps between posts.  If the muse is snoozing, this web-log be losing…  That’s just how I roll.

* This ‘About’ page will evolve in a fashion as I develop and refine a philosophy or set of rules or whatever….  I’ll just add stuff below, in chronological order as it comes to me, and occasionally otherwise edit this page as the mood strikes.

To see the very original version of this About page, as published all those moons ago, click here, or here, where it says ‘So, what’s this Shit all About, then?‘.


Still trying to find my groove…

I use dot-dot-dot a little too often as a lazy way of finishing sentences.


I’m on Twitter at @ShitsGotToStop – if you didn’t already know.


A note on Copyright

All material is my original work, unless stated otherwise or obviously re-blogged from elsewhere.

I use images sourced from all over the web.  If you don’t like this, because I have ‘stolen’ one of your images, please inform me and I will remove it, with apologies.


A note on Re-Blogging

I sometimes Reblog posts from other blogs/sites that I would be proud or happy to have written myself.  Also, occasionally, just because I think something is important or worthy enough to be repeated, and that maybe Followers of this Shit Blog may be interested.

If you have been the victim of my choice to Reblog something, and if you don’t much like that idea, I will Un-Reblog said Reblog.  All you have to do is let me know.

But if I were you, I would take it as a compliment…


A note on Identity/Pseudonyms/Anonymity

I’ve struggled with this.  Initially, I was going to be all super-secret, then I did a 180° turn and ‘revealed’, then changed my mind and went into hiding, then someone I know outed me here in a comment, and now I almost just don’t care.

So – I’ve decided to keep myself ‘anonymous’ – if only for the drama of it all.  But it is only a veneer of anonymity.  A scratch here, or a scrape there, or access to my file in a dusty basement in Canberra, would reveal me.  And what does it matter?  I’m here, I am a person of actuality, I engage.

Further, I’ve set up another blog, Ramblings of Inanity, where I just do ‘normal’ not-as-angry stuff (like recipes, handicrafts, and reviews of Apple products), and my identity is on display there, complete with a digitised optical simile of my head(!), so that when you recognise me on the street you will know who to attack.  You are welcome to check it out, and let me know if you think the two sides of my blogging persona are indicative of some deep-seated psychological issues I should seek treatment for.




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