OK.  So here is my Boycott! list.  First realised here in September 2013.  I will update and reassemble this page as required/desired.

The following outlines my list of personal boycotts (to be clear, this means that I do not buy, condone the purchase of, or support the consumption of any of the Shit on this list), and the reasoning behind them, with references if possible or required:

  1. A smoking skull
    Merchants of Death

    Big Tobacco – for decades, peddling their increasingly deadly and addictive wares, in the full knowledge that they were killing people.  Almost the worst of the worst, surely.  In cahoots with governments the world over who take their slice of the coin from each and every cigarette sold.  Killing for profit.  It’s not new, it’s not unique, it’s a horror show that is tied in so intrinsically with media and society and control.  I was once, not so long ago, a sucker, a schmuck, for the delights of tobacco cigarettes.  But now I’m off ’em, and so this item can live here in the list without fear of continuing in that vein of hypocrisy.

  2. golden arches of crap - mcdonald's
    Golden Arches of Crap

    McDonald’s Corporation – for decades of low-nutrient, potentially poisonous food purveying; for cruelty on a massive scale and industrialising animal husbandry; for attempting to obfuscate and erase their horrible reputation by re-branding and promoting themselves as providing ‘healthy’ food options (liars); for their aggressive campaigns of expansion and eliminating competition.  In a nutshell – CRUEL, GREEDY, and just plain shit.

  3. toll point sign
    On the Road To Profit

    Toll Roads – toll roads are unconstitutional and the charges imposed by private companies, as facilitated by various State governments, are illegal charges.  The Constitution of Australia, at Chapter IV, Section 92 states, “On the imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free.”

  4. canola flower
    Canola – good for tractors

    Canola – a product that is hard to avoid, and therefore it is rather difficult to stick to this boycott.  Canola oil seems to be in almost everything these days.  Canola is a breed of rapeseed (Brassica napus L., among others) that was developed by means of conventional plant breeding to alter its nutritional profile and lower its erucic acid content, basically turning an inedible plant product that was once used as an industrial lubricant into a food, and a cash crop.  In more recent times canola has been genetically modified by the likes of Monsanto to be resistant to glyphosate and glufosinate herbicides.  Due to its low cost, it has become almost ubiquitous in processed and packaged foods.  I do not proclaim that there are any negative health consequences from the consumption of canola (but wouldn’t be surprised if there were, and I have heard plenty of anecdotal evidence about this).  I just really don’t like the way an industrial product has been forcibly altered to enable its injection into the human food chain as a refined product, with its only real benefit being to the producers of the food products in question.

  5. rupert laughs
    Laughing at You

    Murdoch Media (NewsCorp, Foxtel, Sky, et. al.) – for deliberate intervention in multiple elections, with the stated aim of altering the outcome in their own favour.  Of note, the recent 2013 Australian Federal Election.

  6. sexy coke
    Mmmm, Coke.

    Coca-Cola and affiliated beverages – for being really really bad for you.  For stealing water and/or lobbying for ultra-cheap water from (mostly) unsustainable sources.  For aggressively opposing container deposit recycling schemes.  For playing off both sides in conflicts, like it did back in the heady days of World War 2, all for the sake of a buck.  For its application of artificial sweeteners that will probably kill you quicker than a daily truckload of sugar.  For using high-fructose corn syrup instead of good ol’ cane sugar, because it’s cheap, and because it’s perhaps more ‘addictive’ for the consumer.  For being a corporate pig in most ways it operates, while pretending to be ‘cool’ and hip.  For a snippet of some of the issues people have with Coca-Cola, see here.

    As an aside, I love a sweet fizzy every so often, and I own a Soda Stream machine (it was a gift, OK!, I didn’t buy it), and I make my own mixers to go with my whisky or whiskey – a recent comment (see below) highlights how I am now conflicted in the realm of carbonated beverages, because of Soda Stream’s apparent activities in Israel’s occupied territories (or should that be Palestine’s occupied territories??).  You just cannot fucking win…

  7. flight centre
    Don’t Buy My Tickets Here

    Flight Centre – I once applied for a job with Flight Centre, and I humbly posit that I would have made a fantastic travel agent.  After firing off the job application, with great responses to all their key criteria, I waited in hope for the invitation to attend an interview.  Nothing ever came.  Nothing.  Not even a ‘thanks for your application’ form-letter.  What a cluster of bastards.  I’ve not once used their services since then, because they are bastards (and I have travelled since then, through the air, on a ‘Flight’, several times in fact, and these bastards didn’t see a single solitary cent from me.  Ha.).  Since then, I’ve also discovered that a co-founder of Flight Centre is one Bill James, an almost-billionaire who votes Liberal and opposes renewable energy.  Another great reason to avoid these idiots.  They can go fuck themselves, and so can he.

  8. What’s next?


This list will continue to grow…

I welcome input!  If you boycott something, I’d love to hear about it, the who and the what, and, especially, the why.  Please reply/comment below:


17 thoughts on “Boycott!

  1. Uhh, I like this so much. I do not even know where to start. I agree with all of this. Except the Canola, I know way to little about that. But your explanation seems valid or at least valuable. I will dive into that topic someday. I know way to little about genetically modified food and therefore I am skeptical, but not judgmental about it. Yeah, fuck enterprises, they are giant whores, except, that you are not allowed to fuck them. They fuck you! And that is a shitty deal. Well for most of us.


    1. On the Canola thing – Yeah, look, sometimes I’m a bit precious. Canola in its ‘original’ form (selective breeding, NOT the Monsanto GM variety) is probably OK in moderation, like anything – rapeseed varieties had a bit too much of the acid that made them indigestible, and this was rectified in order to make it ‘edible’. Fine; if you don’t mind replacing many natural oil-bearing plants with something bred specifically just to keep rapeseed farmers off the poverty line. I liken this to having olive oil replaced by cotton flower oil (or something – go with me…), just because cotton is not as profitable since synthetic fabrics came along, and hey, the cotton isn’t edible, but we’ll selectively breed it until it is and we’ll make it cheap, and cotton farmers and the cotton industry can all continue to make money, and we’ll promote it as healthy and we’ll push it on food producers by making it cheap and we’ll make up a whole range of ‘benefits’ of using cotton oil over olive oil. Before you know it, cotton oil is in everything, and if you simply want to buy some processed food that was made with old-fashioned olive oil, it becomes almost impossible to find.
      I like hot chips occasionally. Sometimes I feel like just sticking some frozen chips in the oven, but I simply cannot do that anymore unless I want the canola as well. Forces me to chop up potatoes and do it the old way. First-World dilemma of the highest order. Like I said: a bit precious…
      And, yeah. Whores…
      And, thanks!


      1. Shit. Sometimes I hate my friends for telling me something I didn’t wanna know. You perhaps know that feeling. Fuck now I have to look. Thanks a lot 😉


  2. Weddings. Until my partner of 29 years and I get the same right, why should we celebrate an institution that is denied to us? I’m sicking of turning up for the obligatory chicken or beef, giving presents that will never be reciprocated and sent to the back table at receptions near the kitchen door with the other oddballs that don’t fit in with the rest of the gang. Fuck ‘em. If I can’t legally get married then don’t expect me to turn up to your wedding! My personal boycott…


    1. Thanks for swinging by, JackSpratt, and fair enough! I definitely hear you. Weddings are generally a bore anyway…
      Good luck on your boycott of them! I’m sure that sanity will prevail and shitty discriminatory laws will be struck out, so I hope it is a short-lived boycott.


    1. I’m conflicted…
      I have Soda Stream…
      And I thought I was doing a good thing by avoiding the Coca cola-people. Learnt of the location of the SS empire (that stands for Soda Stream, not something else, I swear) recently. Not happy.
      But, yes. That creeping death of invasion, occupation, displacement, conflict, etc., etc., is some serious BAD SHIT that needs to be stopped.
      If you’re interested, I’ve posted on this topic, here. I agree and feel strongly that Israel, in its guise as the oppressor and self-appointed overlord of lands beyond its agreed borders, is acting ‘extremely inappropriately’.
      In order to add Israeli products from the occupied territories to the Boycott list, without being a bit hypocritical, I’ll have to do some research and maybe ditch the carbonation robot…
      Thanks for swinging by and hanging out!


    1. Cheers, and thank you for stopping by and commenting.
      In turn, you’ve inspired me to refine and expand upon this short list. I shall have to research the farmed salmon issue…
      Thanks again!


  3. Boycotting FlightCentre because they didn’t have time to reply to your job application? Seems a bit weak. If you’ve ever applied for multiple jobs you know 99% of the time there isn’t replies. If you so badly wanted to be a travel consultant you’d go through the recommended training. That’s just my 2 cents.


    1. 2c appreciated! That may be the reality of the job market (in a strange alternate universe where normal rules of civil society are suspended), but that doesn’t mean I have to like it, and I stand by the belief that every application for *any* job deserves the common decency of a response. Maybe I’m delusional…
      As for the training suggestion, well, I fit the criteria for the job as advertised, and therefore was ‘suitably qualified’.
      Also, if there was only that one reason for my boycott of them, it would be on my ‘hold a slight grudge’ page – but i don’t have one of them (yet…).
      Thanks for visiting!


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