Donald Trump's Shit Hair

Non-Reassuring Reading Regarding The Drumpfocracy

The various spheres into which I have antennae placed are ABUZZ right now.  There is a growing sense in some circles that the Drumpf Administration is a thinly-veiled administrative coup d’etat of the United States of America.  This is not … Continue reading Non-Reassuring Reading Regarding The Drumpfocracy

Rapture Machine

TRIGGER WARNING: This post pours boiling oil onto prophecy-believing Christians, Jews and Muslims, and all the fakes (politicians, lobbyists, captains of industry & religion, etc.) who are doing their utmost to artificially fulfill an ancient prophecy.  If you are offended by having your beliefs/faith challenged, then press your ‘Back’ button now!   If you were a bit crazy, or a bit led astray, you might believe some of those stories in the Bible (or similar tales from Torah, or Qur’an) that tell of the End Times, and the Revelation, and the Rapture (or similar devices in Torah, or Qur’an). If … Continue reading Rapture Machine

Fluid Borders, Hell On Earth

It seems that, for better or worse, my earlier prediction about Iraq and Syria is coming true.  Well, most of it.  Unfortunately for the Kurdish peoples caught up in this, my assessment that they would be left alone or perhaps even supported by ISIS/ISIL/IS seems to be completely wrong (probably out of ignorance or naivety about their ‘relationship’ with the ISIS warriors, in addition to the idea that maybe ISIS would be busy enough with Syria and the rest of Iraq…). Iraq as a country would seem to teetering on the edge of oblivion.  Just today, Australia’s Prime Moron, Abbott, used the … Continue reading Fluid Borders, Hell On Earth

TIME Agrees With Me

A few days ago I made a prediction.  It may not have been the most obscure or unpredictable of predictions, but, nevertheless, it is always good to get some validation from a major magazine – even if it is a tool of the establishment. Don’t know how the publishing cycle works at this particular glossy, but the folk at TIME would appear to be reading my web-log and plagiarising me. Bastards. The least they could do is plug my Shit blog in their cover story… AsGrayAsGray Continue reading TIME Agrees With Me

A Prediction – Iraq

I stopped making predictions years ago.  Because I was usually wrong… Anyway, the ongoing chaos in Iraq has prompted some thoughts and the odd flash of premonition.  Probably wrong. But here is the prediction: Within a matter of months the sovereign nation now known as Iraq will no longer exist.  The same could possibly be said for Syria. The Sunni militants will drive the Shia south, possibly accompanied by a capitulation of Baghdad into Sunni control.  The Kurdish north will become a Kurdish Republic, supported and shielded, or just left alone, by ISIS.  ISIS will claim control of the entire west … Continue reading A Prediction – Iraq