Definitely Real. Really? (Pt. 1)

Thinking back, I have believed some things.
These are three of them. Continue reading Definitely Real. Really? (Pt. 1)



Sarcastically pondering the ways of the world on Twitter…:   Can't for the life of me understand why carving up regions, stealing resources, deposing leaders, dropping bombs hasn't brought world peace. — Saul A'Phaas (@WickBurner) March 23, 2016   Enjoy the long weekend, all you people who live in places that formally celebrate the Western observance of the Roman crucifixion of the King of the Jews.  Allegedly. Yours, Wick Burner Continue reading Ponderous…

Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #2

INTRO/DISCLAIMER This is the second of two awards I mentioned recently in a recent post recently. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes from My Crazy Life awarded me this award as part of the #CHAMPIONSAWARDS. Thanks igtbcs!!  The rest of you, go visit/follow/engage! RULES [As has been previously established, web-log awards have ‘rules’.  I hate rules…  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a gazillion times…  😉 ]: Post the award logo on your blog with the hashtag #CHAMPIONSAWARDS – [Check] Acknowledge the sponsor of the award – [Check] Nominate no less than 5 nominees and notify them of the award – [See below] Keep … Continue reading Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #2

Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #1

INTRO/DISCLAIMER While I wasn’t looking, this here web-log thing that you might be reading right now has been awarded/nominated-for (whatever the correct phrase is) TWO web-log awards in the space of one week. Now, I still don’t know how I feel about these things, BUT, someone whose words I have enjoyed on their web-log, and/or had pleasurable and mutually consensual commentariat intercourse with has taken the time and interest to express positive vibes toward me, so I WILL EMBRACE IT, and say THANK YOU! That shit takes TIME, and it takes ENERGY. So I’m all about acknowledging that kind of … Continue reading Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #1

SITREP, Thanks and Hello

So, I’ve just returned, in the real world, tonight, from a week-long vacation to the subtropical wilds of the Brisbane region, some 1,500kms (~900+ miles) from home.  But now I’m back, and I’m already well-inebriated and right back in the groove.  Inspired by my mild intoxication, I thought a Situation Report of some sort was in order. Firstly – Thanks! & Hello! (not necessarily in that order): Hello(!) to new ‘followers’ (there has to be a better word for it, surely…), and thanks for stopping by and chancing your arm at maybe reading something else I write here in the … Continue reading SITREP, Thanks and Hello