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This here web-log gets interacted with in the form of ‘Likes’, Comments, and Follows – these are the interactions facilitated within the WordPress Universe.  And I’ve had plenty of great engagement with fellow bloggers and blog-readers.

Outside of this space, the web-log is connected to other social media things, for announcing to humans that a blog post is published, and I get feedback and commentary in those arenas also on the odd occasion.  I thought it might be an idea to create a place here to include those, as well as some highlights from comments posted here under their relevant posts.

Yep! Another place to have my trumpet blown, in the nicest possible way…  or having said trumpet dashed on the rocks of hatred.  The negative ones are often the funniest, so they are highlighted in bold red, for your spoon-fed enjoyment.

All of these comments are real and actual, verbatim, no editing (so the stupid is not mine, ok?).

Comments from elsewhere

about the biggest load of crap I’ve read about #refugees or illegal #asylumseekers. Typical left view – child like.

“brilliant piece.”

didn’t take you for a fuckwit. Bye bye.


“I love it !!!!!!”

“Interesting reading, thanks.”

“its a bloody good read.”

“its just logical …”

“just had a quick flick through your blog thank you so much for the laugh!”

“thanks for that. very informative. and worrying”

“thanks for the link, brilliant, I’m laughing out loud now.”

“Well said !!”

You don’t seem to have anything useful to say either.

you sound old& tired

“you’re lovely. Thank you”


Comments extracted from here (Best & Worst)

“Bloody fine sentiments old chap.”

“Bravo and much thunderous applause. Well crafted.”



“Congratulations on your 100th post. What did we ever do to deserve the other 99!!!”

“Damn! Nicely done.”

“don’t think I’m a sycophant but I love your blog haha”

Funking Australian pigs

Funking you Australians! Idiot! Funking Funking Funking!

“Great post.”

“Haha, funny man!”

“Hahahaha….laughing like a fat piggy bank 🙂

“Hahahaha. I loved this post and its dark humour.”

“here is some entertaining Shit.”

“Hi – Great Post”

“I love it”

“I love it. I learned something AND I got to feel smug. Outstanding.”

“insightful positional rants it would be impossible not to follow your work. Fucking awesome material … love your direct approach of exposing the bull shit.”

“I think you said it more succinctly, shit…”

“Keep working ,remarkable job!”

“Love this! So true.”

“Love your posts–keep on keeping on”

“Man, this is awesome.”

“Moooooooiiiiiist moist moist mooooooooiiiiist.”

“nice rant”

Seems a bit weak.

shut the fuck up

“Stick it to them !!!!”

“stop sweet-talking me mister.”

“Thanks for being informative as always. I love reading your blog. You’re an excellent writer and I always learn so much!”

“That’s awesomeness!”

“That is some “funny” reading …”

This is so offensive, how dare you … are you an idiot?! Stop being racist towards my country & my national icon, you bigot!

“This shit better be funny…”

“Uhh, I like this so much. I do not even know where to start. I agree with all of this.”

“very good”

“Well said.”

“You are a talented artist.”

You can’t because you’re simply an unintelligent cunt. Good Day Sir.

“You have given me food for thought. … I raised it in my posts, but you make the point far more succinctly.”

You have got to be either joking or plainly delusional.

“You have now conquered Jersey. Well done.”

you wanker.

“You write good stuff. 🙂

“You’re so awesome!”


11 thoughts on “Reviews

    1. Life is too short for indifference, Hariod! Said some wise man, once, a long time ago.

      I figure in this form, the comments just speak for themselves, although completely stripped of their original context. Read in isolation, they make for an interesting style of self-administered blog-therapy.

      But, yeah. Like I’d care what anyone thinks, anyway… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Well, apart from spam, I have yet to refuse a comment. Even the ridiculous ones, offensive ones, whatever. And once I’ve clicked ‘Approve’, that comment is now MINE, forever. The commentator can’t delete or remove it, it is mine, they have committed their bile to the interwebs – FOREVER!!! Ha! HA!Ha!HA! Huh …

      OK, I’ll just stop right there…

      Liked by 1 person

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