Section 44

Just a page here to collect and compile info about Australia’s apparently illegitimate Prime Minister, the tony abbott thing.

A work in progress at the moment…

I invite any correspondence with additional info or comments or anything.  Call me, call me now: in the Comments section below, or on Twitter: @WickBurner; or e-mail: asgrayasgray @ gmail . com


The Ideas Man – Tony Magrathea’s blog; LOTS of posts on the issue, letters, replies, non-replies; it’s all there.


FOI requests/replies

22 Jul 2014 – UK Visas & Immigration – response to Tony Magrathea

08 Oct 2014 – FOI-2014/159 (and here) ‘Decision Package’ – response to Jan Olson


27 Mar 2014 – also available at

Aug 2014 –

03 Sep 2014 –

04 Sep 2014 –,6859

07 Sep 2014 –

09 Sep 2014 – A ‘Birther’-mocking piece by Cam Smith (@sexenheimer)

10 Sep 2014 –,6882

28 Oct 2014 – – A story on Jan Olson’s ejection from House of Rep’s, strong ‘birther’ slant

14 Nov 2014 – Tony Magrathea, published in Pravda(!)

27 Jan 2015 –

29 May 2015 –,7768

31 May 2015 ––and-heres-why,7773


Jan Olson @jan_olson (proactive; FOI requester, see above)

They Called Us ‘Birthers’ (denigrators of pursuing abbott on legitimacy)

Cam Smith (@sexenheimer) – see ‘Media’ section above

David (@Daveo_au) – maintains a short Twitter list called ‘Birthers’. Don’t know exactly why; haven’t asked

‘green rust’ (@gr33nrust) – blocked me on Twitter; seemed to be OK (plenty of good interactions), found out I was a ‘birther’, blocked me immediately

Van Badham (@vanbadham) – blocked me on Twitter after a brief yet civil discussion (with contrasting viewpoints, but no angst), Van’s position is ‘fight them on policy’ or similar, taking the high road, disqualification would be a cheat’s way of eliminating abbott, or sentiments to that effect…


Media – Other (goes to the character of the man)

18 Jul 2004 –


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