Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #2

INTRO/DISCLAIMER This is the second of two awards I mentioned recently in a recent post recently. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes from My Crazy Life awarded me this award as part of the #CHAMPIONSAWARDS. Thanks igtbcs!!  The rest of you, go visit/follow/engage! RULES [As has been previously established, web-log awards have ‘rules’.  I hate rules…  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a gazillion times…  😉 ]: Post the award logo on your blog with the hashtag #CHAMPIONSAWARDS – [Check] Acknowledge the sponsor of the award – [Check] Nominate no less than 5 nominees and notify them of the award – [See below] Keep … Continue reading Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #2

Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #1

INTRO/DISCLAIMER While I wasn’t looking, this here web-log thing that you might be reading right now has been awarded/nominated-for (whatever the correct phrase is) TWO web-log awards in the space of one week. Now, I still don’t know how I feel about these things, BUT, someone whose words I have enjoyed on their web-log, and/or had pleasurable and mutually consensual commentariat intercourse with has taken the time and interest to express positive vibes toward me, so I WILL EMBRACE IT, and say THANK YOU! That shit takes TIME, and it takes ENERGY. So I’m all about acknowledging that kind of … Continue reading Wonderful People Gave Me An Award #1

Why I Am A Bad Writer

Here are 13 reasons why I’m not actually a ‘writer’ of any description: I haven’t written anything ‘worthy’, thus far I haven’t provided sexual favours to a publisher I don’t write often enough I write what I want, when I want, and am my own biggest fan I write in the form of a ‘blog’ – and nobody but bloggers take bloggers seriously.  And even then… I also write in the form of ‘tweets’ – and my tweets are at a whole other level that people just don’t understand because I am operating at a whole other level (i.e., I … Continue reading Why I Am A Bad Writer

About Addendum

You all know that dusty little corner of your web-log, the ‘About‘ page? I have one too.  I know…  It’s OK.  We’ll get through this together. Reading mine, as I am wont to do very occasionally, I realise that it makes no sense whatsoever (which echoes the rest of this place).  And so it needs an addendum, hence this ‘aside’ that I’m writing now. ADDENDUM (to be inserted into About page at a time of my choosing) I still don’t know what I’m doing with this place, I know it’s a bit ‘all over the place’, and that some days this … Continue reading About Addendum

The Cloudies! 2014 – 2015

Originally posted on Esme's Cloud:
The Cloudies! Like the Oscars…..but better! (Warning, strong language, potentially bloody awful grammar and descriptions that may leave faint those of a nervous disposition follow (but no nudity I’m afraid)). It was one year ago to this very day that sonmi and the Cloud first alighted upon the blogosphere after wandering in the wilderness for many aeons, knowing not if she would be staying for long, or flying off lightly after a few cautious transmissions. She was here only for the words and it was the words that insisted she remain, at first. Inspiration is here in… Continue reading The Cloudies! 2014 – 2015

Guest Post: “Answer the Damn Question!”: Australian Man Invents New Game Show That Saves The World

Originally posted on The Big Blog of All the Shit I Know:
Do not adjust the horizontal or the vertical. You are about to enter a realm of radical televisory entertainment presented by AsGrayAsGray. Enjoy at your own foul-smelling peril.  You’ve been slimed. Almost every time I see or hear a politician in an interview, I can be heard screaming “Answer the damn question!” Same goes for business leaders, bureaucrats, CEO’s, media ‘personalities’, company spokespersons, and all the other time-wasters and obfuscators who refuse to participate in any variety of ‘plain talking’. Seems everyone is too scared to just simply speak the truth.… Continue reading Guest Post: “Answer the Damn Question!”: Australian Man Invents New Game Show That Saves The World

Holes In My Global Reach

PREAMBLE: This is meaningless.  Hit your Back button now to avoid. So, I’ve been doing this web-log thing on WordPress for a little while (just under 2 years, in fact), and a cursory bit of analysis reveals where I’m failing in my pursuit of global domination.  There are whole chunks of the world where I have no reach.  I mean, check out all the white-space on that map above… (please ignore the oceans, which are also white – they don’t count.)  Why has no-one from Greenland visited my blog?  Why no Mongolian, Kazakhstani, or Congolese visitors? I have some work … Continue reading Holes In My Global Reach

Social Media ‘Plagiarism’ – a long and aimless rant

Sometimes I can get a little bit precious.  Like now. I’m not the most active blogger or social media user in the place, and I often wonder what some other people are doing with the rest of their lives since they appear to be on Twitter or facebook almost constantly, but I see that it is something they are committing themselves to, for better or worse, and they are sometimes able to post some great original stuff, funny stuff, of-the-moment stuff, stuff that makes me think “oh, you are quick”. On a couple of occasions I have found myself in … Continue reading Social Media ‘Plagiarism’ – a long and aimless rant