Social Media Rules OK

The first rule of social media is: ‘Don’t talk about the rules of social media.’ I’ve been meaning to post something, somewhere, about the ‘rules’ (more like a common-sense philosophy) that I have developed for myself in the world of social media.  When I first started dabbling in SM, on the reviled and adored (by some) facebook platform, it was clear that the interaction framework is self-evident – people post status updates or links and it is entirely up to each user what they ‘like’, ‘share’, or comment on. Before starting to use Twitter (which initially baffled me.  It just … Continue reading Social Media Rules OK

Boycott 101

I’ve wanted to build a comprehensive Boycott List for some time.  Recent news (see here, and here) that the new conservative government in Australia may seek to outlaw organised boycotts against corporate entities has inspired me to start work on this.  For those who may be unaware or interested, you can read about what a boycott is, here. My Boycott list appears on a special page here at Shit’s Gotta Stop.  It will be collated and built up over time – a live, living, breathing thing that will assist in fortifying my resolve to boycott the bastards wherever they appear. For what it’s … Continue reading Boycott 101

Opinionated News

The mainstream media.  Guardians of free speech and reportage of facts?  What a terribly disappointing troop of screaming baboons… I’ve long held the view that the mainstream media (MSM) is operating at the behest of forces cohesive and powerful, rather than ‘in the public interest’ (no shock there – old news, I know).  In recent times this has become more glaringly obvious, while simultaneously there has been a rise in the perceived worth of ‘opinion’ in the press.  In fact, there are now ‘journalists’ whose entire body of work is nothing more than their opinions on a range of topics … Continue reading Opinionated News

‘Celebrity’ Cash-Grab

“Washed-out Foreign ‘Celebrities’ Inundating Australia!” Fading stars who have rarely, if ever, given a toss about their Australian ‘fanbase’ have descended upon us.  This ongoing phenomenon, coinciding with a buoyant (relatively speaking) Australian economy which offers a tantalisingly attractive exchange rate for 2nd-tier descending celebrities from depressed economies elsewhere in the world, exposes the true colours of these so-called celebrity mouth-pieces.  They have no respect for their admirers and are nought more than shallow, greedy coin-chasers.  And I don’t like any of them. This is pop culture shit that I should probably ignore, but I’ve drafted a little list of these economic … Continue reading ‘Celebrity’ Cash-Grab